With the beginning of your studies, a university login will be created for you. At the end of your studies, this login will first be blocked and completely deleted after a waiting period of nine months. The waiting time is used to bridge any leave of absence.

Establishment and distribution of the university login

In order to issue the university login, it is essential that you appear at the university computer centre to identify yourself and accept the currently valid version of the IT terms of use.

  • Undergraduates

When you enrol, you will automatically be assigned a university login and an E-mail address. Please note that access data can only be issued to you with your valid CampusCard. You can collect your access data from the "IT Service Office for Students" (room T106b).

  • Staff members of the university

All employees of the university who are registered in the personnel department automatically receive a university login and an E-mail address.  Please note that access data can only be issued to you at the start of the employment relationship. You can collect your access data in room T107.

  • Lecturers and guests

Lecturers and guests of the university will only be provided with a university account and an e-mail address if your data have been reported to the university computer centre by the respective faculty/host institution. You can collect your access data in room T107.

Forgotten your password in Corona Virus times?

In times of the Corona virus personal contacts must be reduced to a minimum, therefore the following procedure is used now:

Please send a mail to the address hrz-support(at)hs-emden-leer.de.

This mail must contain three points:

  1. A selfie
  2. A picture of your CampusCard (alternatively on the front of your identity card; the number of your card can be hidden)
  3. An E-mail address to which the access data should be sent to

Afterwards you will receive your new access data from us.

Change password

To change your password, please log in to the Outlook Web App. At the top right you will then find the menu item "Options" and below it the item "Change password".

For your own security, please choose a complex password. Passwords that are too simple are prevented by the password policy anyway.

Forgotten your password?

If you have lost or forgotten your password, or the university login is blocked for other reasons, please go to the computer center where you also received your account, i.e. students in room T106b, staff, lecturers and guests in room T107.

If you are unable to appear at the university, a new password may be sent to you by post in exceptional cases. Note: Passwords will be issued by e-mail, fax or telephone!