Leer: Maritime Competence Center

Building Cooperations - Using Synergies: MARIKO

Under the roof of the Maritime Competence Center (MARIKO), the Mariko GmbH & Co. KG works hand in hand with the shipowner’s association Ems-Dollart e.V. The objective is to strengthen the maritime economy and to promote higher education in the University of Applied Sciences location in Leer.

As a beacon and growth engine, Mariko GmbH links and networks the core sectors of the maritime economy in the Ems-Axis area more closely. Through the MARIKO concentrated maritime ‘know-how’, an advantage should be achieved for the companies and institutions in the sector, including the University of Emden/Leer.

The Mariko GmbH deals within different projects with innovative and resource-friendly solutions for the maritime industry in Germany and the Netherlands and allows with the help of strong Partners, an international cooperation in the entire North Sea region.

Within MARIKO and in cooperation with the Faculty of Maritime Studies of the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer, the company Nautitec GmbH and Co. KG operates one of the most state-of-the-art ship handling simulators / navigation simulators in Europe, where the captains of tomorrow are already being trained and training for seafaring workers will be offered.