International Project Week 2016

The “International Project Week” (IPW) took place from April 25th to 29th 2016 under adverse weather conditions. But the sunny disposition of our guest lecturers from Great Britain, Ireland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Hungary and Romania put everyone at the IPW into a good mood. Their projects came as a fresh breeze in our everyday life of our students. A special sunny regard was sent by a guest lecturer from Spain for the first time via video conference.

The other eleven participants took part on our diverse social program, which started with a welcome dinner at Henri´s. Over refreshments and thanks to the casual atmosphere everyone got the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange experiences. The conversations continued on the following evening during the formal dinner at Hafenhaus. On top of that the IPW was enriched by the participation by the guests of the international conference, which was organized by Prof. Dr. Reiner Osbild and took place at the same time.

Between the projects they had the opportunity to explore Emden on their own and therefore visited the Kunsthalle and the Landesmuseum. The exhibition “Vitaminbombe” invited to strengthen one´s immune system on a different level.

The highlight of our IPW was the excursion to the “Energie-, Bildungs- und Erlebniszentrum” (EEZ) in Aurich. During a guided tour we got to know more about the EEZ and later enjoyed some of the games in the interactive exhibition about energy.

After “playing” for a little while and some more sightseeing of the city of Aurich, we went to the local restaurant Stadtperle. With a lot of information and good impressions from Emden, Aurich and the IPW most of the participants started back for home or were finishing up their projects.

We´re already looking forward to the further exchange with new guest lecturers and “repeaters” during the IPW 2017!

“For my first visit to Germany, this was a great event, both in terms of teaching experience and intercultural exchange. Even if the weather showed us that we were in Northern Europe, the international faculty office staff made from our visit a very warm and friendly event.“ Bogdan Nichifor (University of Bacau, Romania)

„A great learning opportunity for both students and teaching staff who were able to use the week to exchange ideas and experience different ways of working.  It’s very valuable to have a full week where colleagues from all over Europe can visit, giving time and space for networking and sharing ideas between us all as well as teaching and meeting the students in Emden.“ Angela McGrane (Newcastle Business School/Northumbria University)