University staff members have the opportunity to obtain server certificates from the Computer Centre for the servers they operate on.

What are server certificates?

Server certificates are a type of identity card for servers which ensure that the data

  • originate from exactly the desired server (authenticity),
  • were not falsified during transmission (integrity) and
  • cannot be read by unauthorized persons (confidentiality).

This procedure is required, for example, to offer secure websites.

How do server certificates work?

The whole thing works with similar to a pair of keys that belong together. Everything that was encrypted with one key can only be decrypted with the other key and vice versa.

One key is kept to itself (private key, private key), the other is made accessible in public (certificate, public key). In order to ensure that the public key really belongs to the specified server, it must be authenticated like an identity card. This task is performed by the certificate authority (CA).

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