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Business Campus Leer

Very close to your career as an executive.

The Business Campus Leer is part of the Faculty of Business Studies. Located in the old town of Leer, we’re not just in the thick of the action but also very close to the formulas for success for your career – in national and international business as well as in research.

Having emerged from the Berufsakademie Ost-Friesland (BAO), we are continuing the success story of dual training in the Northwest: several hundred talented young specialists and managers have made their way into professional life through us and are working extremely successfully in companies in the region and throughout Germany today. Who knows: perhaps you'll be one of them in future?

The more practical way to your Bachelor's degree

The special feature of our dual studies is the combination of practice and theory: you learn alternately on the Business Campus and in the company, thus receiving an internationally recognised degree in addition to well-founded professional training.

What do you need for a dual study programme? A university entrance qualification and a company that supports you. For this reason, we work together with many different partner companies where you can apply directly for an training place. Or simply ask us.

In einem Boot mit dem Business Campus Leer
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Dual BWL studieren
am Business Campus Leer
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Beste Berufsaussichten
– der Business Campus Leer
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Check out the Business Campus Leer

Dual study programme

Studying dual Business Administration?

Explore the practical career alternative to pure university studies: the dual study programme and training in Business Administration (dual).

For companies

Your practical path to the region’s talent:  our Business Campus

As a partner for our dual study programmes, you can be sure of highly qualified and motivated young staff who bring both academic and practical knowledge to your company – recruiting doesn’t get any more efficient than this!

What the dual course of study has to offer your company

  • Young talent
  • Young, highly qualified employees with practical work experience and precise company knowledge
  • Reduced or no induction period
  • High level of identification with the company
  • High motivation and efficiency
  • Close collaboration between the university and company

Some of our partner companies

Faculty of Business Studies

Closer to entrepreneurial formulas for success.

Would you like to study business at a small but excellent campus university and benefit from a very personal atmosphere among teachers and students? Then:


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