Very close to your questions: our student advice service.

Lots of possibilities, lots of questions? At the student advice service, you will find out everything you need to know to get your studies off to the perfect start!

We also offer you the opportunity to accompany a student for a whole day on our campus. This way you get an insight into lectures, seminars and get to know everyday life on campus from a student's point of view. Here you can find more information about this program "Student for a Day".

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Hochschule Emden/Leer
- Neele Berends -
Constantiaplatz 4
26723 Emden
E-Mail: neele.berends(at)
Fon: ++49 4921 807-1290

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Good advice, good start.

For us, advice means: We actively and personally support you with important information and orientation aids, so you can decide on a course of study that really suits you and your professional goals and dreams. Give us a call or send us an email and arrange an appointment with us at short notice!

+49 4921 807-7575

There are many other advising centers at Emden/Leer University of Applied Sciences that you can contact with a wide variety of advising concerns!

Arrange an appointment now!

Please give us a short turnaround time and suggest a date, two days in advance if possible!

student advice service

Student advice enquiry

Emden location

Refectory on ground floor
Constantiaplatz 4
26723 Emden

Other dates
If none of these times suit you, please contact us for an individual appointment.

 Registration at least 2 days in advance is absolutely essential.

Online student advice service
If you can't come to the university for advice: We also offer an online student advice service by video chat chat. Please make an appointment in advance by email.

*General Student Counselling

Open office hours (without appointment)
Tuesday 10:00-12:00 a.m.
Thursday 10:00-12:00 a.m.

Further consultations by appointment (


Student Counselling Service for study doubters and international students:
Consultations by appointment (

Leer location

Leer location
Business Campus Leer
Kirchstraße 54
26789 Leer

Room V1.19

Online student advice service
If you can't come to the university for advice: We also offer an online student advice service by video chat chat. Please make an appointment in advance by email.

*Speaking hours always on Wednesdays with prior appointment

Registration at least 2 days in advance is absolutely necessary.

Please register in time by mail:

Your contacts

You are very close to your personal consultation here:
Contact us now – we look forward to seeing you!

Birte Engelberts

Head of the Student Counselling Service, General Student Counselling

Tel. 04921/807-1346

new lecture hall (2.011)

Birgit Tischner

General Study Counselling, Fairs and School visits

Tel. 04921/807-1373

canteen ground floor (M003)

Kirsten Ackermann

Deputy Director, Project Coordinator „Student Recruitment”

Tel. 04921/807-1203

canteen ground floor (M001)

Ilona Heppner

General Study Counselling, Coordinator Integra und Welcome Programme

Tel. 04921/807-1256

canteen ground floor (M003)

Neele Berends

Student Recruitment, Fairs and School visits

Tel. 04921/807-1290

canteen ground floor (M001)

Heiko Driever

Future Skills Applied (research project)

Tel. 04921/807-1277

new lecture hall (2.010)

Anne Wood

Future Skills Applied (research project)
Tel. 04921/807-1347

new lecture hall (2.007)


Closer to our events:

You can find out about the various events at your university of applied sciences here.


Student advice centre events

Calendar of events for schoolchildren