Management Consulting (M.A.)

The Master’s study programme “Management Consulting” is, among other things, a reaction to the need for professionalisation in the consulting sector. This course of study qualifies students for consulting activities in and for organisations (e.g. external management consulting, in-house consulting, meta-consulting etc.). Through the close integration of consulting theory and consulting practice (e.g. real case studies) and modern teaching and learning architecture, fundamental consulting competences are taught as well as reflective thinking about possibilities and boundaries of intervention.

This consecutive and application-oriented Master's study programme is a cooperation study programme between Oldenburg University and the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer. The course options allow students to build a clear profile in the consulting sector. 
The individual lectures are divided between the locations Oldenburg and Emden. You can find more information on the study programme on the Oldenburg University website. 


Master of Arts



Normal period of study

4 semesters

Beginning of study

Winter semester

Place of study

Emden or Oldenburg



Prerequisite for entry


Entry limitation

Bachelor degree or diploma in business studies or in a professionally suitable study programme. The entry procedure is governed by the entry regulations.


120 ECTS


Accredited by ZEvA in Hanover


Business Studies

For many university graduates, entry into the consulting sector presents a very attractive career option with good promotion and earning opportunities. The skills shortage also has positive effects on the consulting sector, which is why the majority of businesses consider recruiting young talent over the coming years a great challenge.

Diverse options are open to graduates entering their professional lives. As well as entry into classic business consulting, you can also consider internal business consulting, consulting associations or other consulting organisations such as e.g. in the training and further education sector. As consulting know-how is becoming more and more of a key qualification for managers, there is also a variety of entry opportunities in staff and line activities open for graduates (e.g. in personnel or training). Other areas of professional application are consulting and management activities in the public service as well as in the academic sector (e.g. consulting research, organisation research, strategic management). It is also conceivable to take the step into self-employment in the “professional services” sector.

Das Curriculum strebt eine ausgewogene Mischung zwischen theoretischen und praktischen Inhalten an. Du lernst dabei, das beratungsspezifische Instrumentarium kennen und anzuwenden sowie effiziente Problemlösungen für Beratungs- und Managementthemen zu entwickeln und zu implementieren. Dazu ist das Curriculum in Basis-, Aufbau-, Professionalisierungs- und Trainingsmodule untergliedert:

Montags, Dienstags und Freitags finden die Lehrveranstaltungen an der Uni Oldenburg statt.

Mittwochs und Donnerstags finden die Lehrveranstaltungen an der Hochschule Emden/Leer statt.


Die Ergänzungsmodule können gewählt werden. Die Liste mit möglichen Modulen finden Sie hier: Austauschmodule // Universität Oldenburg (

Für diesen Studiengang kann sich nicht mehr beworben werden. Ähnliche Inhalte bietet der Masterstudiengang "Business Management"


Es werden keine Studienplätze mehr vergeben.

Letztmalige Zulassung WiSe 23/24


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Study Coordination Office

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Matriculation Office

Why studying Management Consulting? 

I have decided to study Management Consulting, because I want to have an active and positive influence on the change of today’s ideology and economy.  Therefor I choose a study where new innovative approaches as well as the development of leaders, organisations and employees are a main focus.

Why study in Emden or in Oldenburg?

Studying in Emden was basically not a deliberate choice. I was looking for the kind of master you can study here thus the study was more important to me than the location. However, I’m living in Ammerland which is close to Oldenburg but both campuses are easily reached by bus or train.

What makes studying in Emden and Oldenburg special?

Oldenburg is a beautiful town with many cultural offerings and free time activities. Many local pubs and restaurants make it very attractive to go out in the evenings as well. And even with the wide range of studies and the many students at the Carl of Ossietzky University you don’t get the feeling of being lost in the masses but to be connected. The general atmosphere is minted by respect and familiarity.  

The University of Applied Science Emden/Leer convinces through its small group sizes and the intensive and personal care through the professors.The positioning of Emden within Ostfriesland provides a familiar flair and offers the students a wide range of free time activities on campus.


Did you decide explicitly for a study with a cooperation contract between a university and a university of applied science?

No, it was not a deliberate decision. But it offers a tremendous opportunity and advantage, because you do not only get to know the strong scientific way of working of a university but also the highly practical approach of a university of applied science. Through this you get prepared for future tasks professionally and practically.