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In the project "Wind Challenge", our students from different study programms work together on design, development, and testing small wind turbines. The goal of the project is to provide an atmosphere, in which students share, learn improve and thrive theire theretical and practical skills together. Besides there is a lot of fun toegether!


The competition team of students at the University of Applied Science Emden-Leer participate the annual competiotion, "International Small Wind Turbine Contest (ISWTC) “ . Every year there are new design challenges and student teams from whole over the world meet eachother, compete, learn and have fun together.


No matter if you have just started your studies or you are about to finish your studies. We always have tasks and activities for you in different forms such as the internship, Bachelor or Master thesis, and the technical project.

Even if you don’t seek credit points for your studies, you are welcome to join us as volunteer to share and improve your knowledge and skills.

Beside receiving scientific and technical guidance and help from the supervisors and managing team professors, you will access the production tools and 3D printers, measurement equipment, software and many other utilities of the universities such as the Fablab, workshop, design Lab, and the CFD Lab.


We are looking forward to seeing you!


  • Sustainability and LCA (Life Cycle Assesment) 

  • Aerodynamic design and simulation of blades and turbines 

  • Design and production of electric and electronic systems 

  • Computer aided design of mechanical systems and components (CAD) 

  •  Design and production of Hydrogen storage

  • Test, measurement, and experiments in wind tunnel and wind field

  • BEM modeling and simulation of the wind turbine

  • Computational fluid dynamic simulations (CFD) 

  • Finite element simulations (FEM) 

  • Media management/Marketing

  • Project management 

  • Financial, social, and environmental studies

Left: Test in TU-Delft, ISWTC 2022Right: Test in Technikum Leer, May 2022


Supervising team: