Wirtschaftspsychologie (Business Psychology)

Betriebswirtschaft (Business Administration)

International Business Administration (International Business Administration)

Betriebswirtschaft dual (Business Administration (dual))

Business Management 

Management Consulting


In the degree programs Business Psychology, Business Administration, and International Business Administration, a computer lab (Excel) must be completed as a prerequisite for the Business Informatics/Digitization exam. The preliminary work must be passed by the time of registration for the Business Informatics/Digitalization examination and entered in the grade portal.

All information can be found on the Y-drive at: Y:\teaching-emd\RePra\General.

In the Business Psychology program, the propaedeutic course "Accounting" must also be completed as a prerequisite exam for Balance Sheet Accounting. The preparatory course must be passed and entered in the grade portal by the time the student registers for the Accounting exam.

Recognition of school and training achievements may be possible.