Economic change also demands a high degree of flexibility and willingness to develop from small and medium-sized enterprises and their employees. However, day-to-day business usually leaves little room for optimizing certain processes, so that valuable opportunities for improvement remain unused. In order to better exploit potentials and remain competitive, we provide quick help with our consulting - Together with you, we analyze the potentials of your company, identify unused opportunities and develop individual solution approaches as well as action plans.

Within the scope of this potential consulting, selected analyses are carried out in close coordination with you and according to your company's needs.

Possible analyses:

  • Analysis of the production program (product groups, ABC/XYZ analysis, ... )
  • Analysis of the technical equipment (machines, warehouse equipment, layout, area distribution, ... )
  • Analysis of the organization (material flow, workflow, information flow, process analysis, ... )

Afterwards, the results will be presented to you and you will receive recommendations on how to use your optimization potential and remain competitive in the long run.

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