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Crisis list (ELEFAND): German citizens are recommended to register in the crisis list (ELEFAND) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Internship abroad:

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erasmusu ==> student accomodation in Europe
erasmusplay ==> international student housing

German Mobility platform for scientists:

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German National Academic Foundation:

Federal Foreign

English test TOEFL:

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International Student Card:

→ available here at the university at AStA:

Accomodation in ERASMUS countries:

Room and flat renting in more than 90 countries:

Accommodation agency in 9 european countries:

Agencies for study visits abroad (Study Abroad Guide für Freemover)

Language study travel advisor:

→ i. a. advises for applications in several countries:

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• Jobline LMU 
→ application training for free of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität:

Advice for stays in the USA:

Advisor for studies abroad for internships in France:
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Job and internship search engines (examples):

Tip: As search term simply enter the word for "internship" in the respective language (e.g. "Praktikum", „stage“ etc.).



 is available for about 60 countries. Simply put the country code before "indeed", e.g. for Ireland: Or simply enter the country as a place, then the link will show for the respective country.

→ is also available for many countries, simply scroll down the page, there you will find the links. Direct link to over 20 links related to specific countries At the bottom of the page you will find links to pages for the search in other countries. At the bottom of the page you will find 35 links related to specific countries  At the bottom of the page links to pages for 71 countries 

Internships worldwide: → Under "Praktikum finden" you can search for internship offers in specific cities (Internships in Europe)

Links of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Worldwide job search engine and country guides for internships abroad from the "Auslandskarriere" magazine

Internship placement by student organization AIESEC:

Internships at the European Council

Internship in the United Kingdom: → (Free service of internships in the UK. Internships are unpaid but include provision of accommodation including costs of the accommodation with Wi-Fi. + part of the costs for visa) → Former interns rate their internship placement + internship opportunities in UK

Internships in the Netherlands:

Internships in France:
→ Job and internship offers in the cultural and media sector
→  Job and internship offers in the cultural and media sector
→  Jobs and internship in France

Internships in Belgium:
→ Jobs and Internships in Brussels
Internships in Switzerland:
→  Jobs and Internships

Internship in the Slovak Republic:

Internships and Work & Travel in Canada by Deutsch-Kanadische Gesellschaft e.V.:

Internships in Argentinia: → agency fee

Internships in Asia:

Annual Fair Connecticum in Berlin:
→ There are also many offers for internships abroad on the site

Voluntary Service (examples) →  Voluntary service of the German Development Ministry​​​​​​​ Voluntary service of the German UNESCO-commision Central Internet portal for worldwide engagement Search possibility for volunteer services/project work in different countries

Quality Check Internship abroad:

Take a look at our page "Announcements" for scholarship opportunities.

You can find a good overview of possibilities to finance your stay abroad in the scholarship brochure of the German Academic Exchange Service, including scholarships of other organisations as well (brochure is in German).

Another possibility for you could be "Auslands-BAföG":

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