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Production planning generally has two major areas of work, the planning and construction of production facilities and the planning and control of production processes. Here questions are answered such as when and in what order which work steps have to be carried out on which machines, systems or workstations, which material and which employees are required for this.
The aim is to make the required products available to the customer in the right quantity, with minimum effort and in the right quality at the right time.  Computer programs for corporate planning (ERP systems), production planning (MES systems) and production control (PPS systems) are used as aids for this.

As production planning is also affected by the energy transition, this laboratory deals with its impact on production. This is done with the help of computer-aided simulation. It gives us an insight into many different production scenarios and their key figures. In this case, we can find out how much energy is required for production, whether we can provide this from renewable energy, whether load shifts are possible by utilizing flexibilities and also whether the energy requirement is above the target. If this is the case, this can be an indication of worn tools or defective parts, for example, and maintenance may then need to be planned in order to avoid major and, above all, sudden breakdowns.

The topic of digitalization is also dealt with in detail in this laboratory. In production planning and control, it is important to have the right information and data in good time in order to ensure successful production planning. Ideally, we will have a cyber-physical production system (CPS) to work with.

Exercises, internships and project work

In the laboratory, exercises are carried out for lectures. To this end, we work with ERP systems used in industry and with models of production systems that represent reality or real questions and problems. This includes our Fischertechnik production system with a high-bay warehouse, conveyor belts, processing centers and robot arms with real-time connection to an ERP system.

Students also work there on projects and dissertations. Topics relating to production organization, production planning and control and the supporting software systems as well as the topics of energy efficiency, sustainability, digitalization and, above all, energy supply through renewable energies, which are important for production, are supervised.

Students also support us as research assistants in research projects and in the simulation of production processes.

Links (Projektron, Transfact, SAP)

BCS Projektron

Transfact ERP System


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