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Production planning generally consists of two broad fields: One aspect is about planning a production site and how a production or manufacturing environment is designed: the second aspect deals with the planning and controlling of an existing production site in terms of the timing and sequencing of the production steps and the machines, workforce and materials that are required. It is also concerned with the amount of energy necessary to perform a production step. The aim is to provide the required products at the right time, in the right amount and quality with minimal effort to the customer. Computer-based programs for company planning (ERP-Systems), for production planning (MES-Systems) and for production controlling (PPS-Systems) are aids used for this.

The production planning is also affected by the energy revolution. Therefore, we consider the consequences for the production by the use of computer-based simulation tools. With these aids we have access to many different szenarios in production and also to their key performance indicators. in this case we can experience the amount of energy that is required for production, whether we can provide it with renewable energy, whether load shifts are possible by exploiting flexibilities, and also whether the energy requirement is above the target.

Additionally, the digitization plays a big role in production planning and controlling. Therefore, it is important to get the right information as data in time to be able to work with it and to guarantee success in production planning. In the ideal situation, we have a cyber-physical production system (CPS) to work with.

Current project topics and theses (in process)

Currently, various project, bachelor and master theses are being carried out in following areas:

  • Digitalization of production systems
  • Decentralized control of production systems
  • Virtualization of production systems
  • Simulation of self-supplying industrial consumers with renewable energies
  • Visualization of energy flows in local and industrial systems
  • Real case examples: ERP-System user requirements
  • Real case examples: Energy measuring systems - requirements derived from Energy management systems
  • Integration of an energy measurement system into the production system model


Links (Moodle, Transfact, Projektron)

BCS Projektron

Transfact ERP System

Moodle Courses

  • Einführung in ERP-/PPS Systeme (Moodle) using SAP S/4HANA and ERPsim
  • Projektmanagement (MB Moodle),
  • Production Management Systems (Moodle) using SAP S/4HANA and ERPsim
  • Sustainable Production (EE Moodle)
  • Simulation von Produktionssystemen (Moodle) mit Anylogic©
  • Digitalisation & Virtualisation of ICPS (Moodle)
  • Simulation of Energy Systems (Moodle)
  • ERP-Systems (Technical Management) (Moodle) using SAP S/4 HANA and ERPsim

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Du bist auf der Suche nach einem technischen Projekt? Dich interessiert Nachhaltigkeit, Digitalisierung und wie man das konkret in der Produktion umsetzen kann? Wir arbeiten daran.

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Projektthemen und Abschlussarbeiten in Bearbeitung

Aktuell werden verschiedene Projekt-, Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten durchgeführt in den Bereichen:

  • Digitalisierung von Produktionssystemen
  • Dezentrale Steuerung von Produktionssystemen
  • Virtualisierung von Produktionssystemen
  • Simulationen zur Energieautarken Versorgung von Industrieverbrauchern
  • Visualisierung von Energieströmen in lokalen Energiesystemen
  • Anforderungen an ein ERP-System am Beispiel
  • Anforderungen an ein Energiemesssystem (EMS) am Beispiel
  • Integration eines Energiemesssystems in das Modell-Produktionssystem


Topic Offers for technical Projects and Thesis

TypeField of StudyTitleCall for ProjectDate

Project, Thesis

M&D, IBS, Sustainable Energy Systems, Machanical Engineering, Industrial Informatics

Development of an automated transfer and processing system for existing energy and machine data in a database for energy management



Project, ThesisMechanical Engineering, IBSProject Management Software Projektron BCS: Development of a use concept inclusind data and user structure for teaching purposes and other organizational units of HS Emden/LeerLink30.09.2020
Project, ThesisElectrical Engineering, Sustainable Energy Systems, M&D, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial InformaticsInvestigation of the current status for the integration of renewable
energy producers to the production facility of M+D Composites Technology


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