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If you want to specifically prepare linguistically for your stay abroad or have an interest in language learning in general, we have put together a few options for you here: 

Language Centre of the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer

"FINNISCH 1“ for students of all faculties in the summer semester 2024, Date: TBA, probable begin in calendar week 11, further information and registration: katja.hakkarainen|at|

The university library provides all students and employees of the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer with Speexx Campus, a free online language learning software for English, Spanish, French and German. The Speexx language courses are available for beginners to advanced (CEFR A1-C1, Business). With the software it is also possible to take a placement test (CEFR) (for your own evaluation, no official language proof). More information can be found here.

Language courses at the VHS (Link VHS Emden Link VHS Leer)

Language course information of the DAAD.

Five steps to find a language course abroad

You can also find language courses abroad in the summer months under our Summer Schools link.

Pages of the association of German language travel providers (For the information we assume no liability.) and award the Language Travel Grant for Globetrotters of 1.000 € for students twice a year. Participation at: and contributions of former participants as well as winners of the scholarship under (The International Office assumes no guarantee for the information.)

Language Travel Guide: (The International Office assumes no responsibility for the information.)

Students, who need a language proof from Hochschule Emden/Leer, should contact their language teacher:


- Faculty of Maritime Sciences: Ms. Christiane Walden (christiane.walden(at)

- Faculty of Social Work and Health: Ms. Carmen Nemeth (carmen.nemeth(at)

- Faculty of Technology: Ms. Margaret Parks (margaret.parks(at)

- Faculty of Business Studies: Ms. Carmen Nemeth (carmen.nemeth(at)

French (all faculties):

Ms. Claire Faget (claire.faget(at)

Spanish (all faculties):

Ms. Beatriz Muñoz Vicente (beatriz.munoz(at)

In general: Study or internship in a Spanish or French speaking country: If you plan to study or work in a Spanish or French speaking country while studying, please contact Ms. Muñoz Vicente (beatriz.munoz(at) for language certificates in Spanish and to Ms Claire Faget (claire.faget(at) for language certificates in French.

Form for the DAAD language certificate

Exercise materials for the TOEFL language test are available in the International Office.

A grid for self-assessment of one's own language skills with regard to the European Reference Framework for Languages (A1, A2, B1, ...) can be found here.

Language requirments at partner universities