The Faculty of Shipping and Maritime Science’s mission statement

University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer

  1. Germany is one of the leading nations in the world for science and technology.
  2. Germany is one of the biggest import and export nations in the world.
  3. 90% of international goods trading is done by sea.
  4. Germany is currently the third-largest seafaring nation in the world.


The Leer Faculty of Shipping researches and develops resource-saving and environmentally friendly technologies in ship operation. This is done through intensive collaboration with maritime suppliers and other maritime research institutions. Furthermore, the Leer Shipping Institute initiates and supports the development and testing of green technologies with scientific/nautical/operational expertise in direct contact with the (future) nautical uses within the context of research programmes and Master’s/Bachelor’s theses.


The Leer Faculty of Shipping trains leaders for ship and shipping operations who act responsibly in their maritime environment as ship’s officers and captains on board or as shipping company managers. This includes the resource-saving and environmentally friendly organisation of ship or fleet operations, among other things, as well as constant optimisation of safety standards on board. Close contact with the maritime economy and the maritime administration ensures that the course content focuses on potential employers’ requirements.