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University representatives

The university representatives are appointed. They provide support in an independent and advisory capacity and are not integrated into the hierarchy of the administration.


Contact person for anti-corruption

Dipl.-Ing. Wilfried Grunau

(Head of the Committee and Press Spokesman)

Phone: 04921-807-1005

Email: wilfried.grunau(at)

Head of international programs on faculty level


Prof. Dr. Joachim Schwarz

(Faculty of Business Studies)



Prof. Dr. Astrid Hübner

(Faculty of Social Work and Health)

Phone: 04921-807-1194

Email: astrid.huebner(at)

Prof. Dr. Armando Colombo

(Faculty of Technology, Department of Electrotechnical and Industrial Informatics)

Phone: 04921-807-1972

Email: Armando.colombo(at)

Prof. Dr. Iván Herráez

(Faculty of Technology, Department of Natural Sciences and Technology)

Phone: 04921-807-1598

Email: ivan.herraez(at)

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kirchhof

(Faculty of Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering)

Phone: 04921-807-1469


Prof. Michael Vahs

(Faculty of Maritime Sciences)

Phone: 0491-92817-5022

Email: michael.vahs(at)

Christiane Walden

(Faculty of Maritime Sciences)

Email: christiane.walden(at)

Biosafety officer

Dr. Bernd Schmietenknop

Phone: 04921-807-1510


Disability representative (employee representative)

Stefan Prescher

Phone: 04921-807-1912

Email: stefan.prescher(at)

Representative for students with (health) impairments and chronic diseasesKarin Homp

Phone: 0171 8661 980

Email: karin.homp(at)

Fire safety officer

Dipl.-Sich.-Ing. Jörg Bürgener

Phone: 04921-807-1800

Email: joerg.buergener(at)

Data protection officer

Martina Boekhoff

Tel.: 04921-807-1035

Email: datenschutz(at)

Equal opportunities officer

Jutta Dehoff-Zuch

Phone: 04921-807-1050

Email: jutta.dehoff-zuch(at)

Principles for handling complaints

Prof. Dr. Werner Kiehl

Email: werner.kiehl(at)

International affairs ombudsperson

Dr. Sandra Koch

Phone: 04921-807-1489

Email: sandra.koch(at)

Low German representative

Silke Gastmann

Phone.: 04921-807-1628

Email: silke.gastmann(at)

Safety officer

Dipl.-Ing. Volker Braun

Phone: 04921-807-1536

Email: volker.braun(at)

Dipl.-Ing. Otto Ihnen

Phone: 04921-807-1178

Email: otto.ihnen(at)

Dipl.-Ing. Christina Steffen

Phone: 04921-807-1580

Email: christina.steffen(at)

Dipl.-Ing. Ingo Stein

Phone: 04921-807-1517

Email: ingo.stein(at)

Uwe van Ellen

Phone: 04921-807-1911

Email: uwe.van.ellen(at)

Astrid Weerda

Phone: 04921-807-1038

Email: astrid.weerda(at)

Sports representative

Prof. Dr. Ruth Haas

Phone: 04921-807-1236


Radiation protection officer

Dipl.-Ing. Volker Braun

Phone: 04921-807-1536

Email: volker.braun(at)

Addiction officer




Ombudspersons acc. to Section 9 Regulations for ensuring good academic practice

Prof. Dr. Agnes Pechmann

Phone: 04921-807-1438

Email: agnes.pechmann(at)

Prof. Dr. Sylke Bartmann

Phone: 04921-807-1175

Email: sylke.bartmann(at)

Ombudspersons acc. to § 5 (4) Guideline against sexual discrimination and violence

Ilona Heppner

Phone: 04921-807-1256


Cornelia Beelmann

Phone: 0491/92817-5024

Email: cornelia.beelmann(at)

Prof. Dr. Michael Herschelmann

Phone: 04921/807-1244