Very close to your dream job? By studying with us at the faculty in any case!

In our bachelor's degree programs, you choose specializations in the course of your studies and thus lay the first building block for your later entry into your dream job.

In Business Psychology, you can choose between the specializations "Human Resources" and "Market & Consumers". In addition, you have a large selection of elective modules from the other degree programs of the Business School.

The Business Administration program offers you seven interesting and future-oriented specializations from which you can choose two.

You can experience the international orientation of the focus in the study program International Business Administration. Here you can choose from five exciting specializations.

In your dual business administration studies, you can focus on the areas of financial management & controlling, healthcare management, strategic corporate management, and logistics.

You can find more information on the respective study program pages at the bottom of this page! Take a look right now!