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Nature conservation on campus


University bees

There’s a buzz on campus: The University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer hosts a colony of bees on its premises, setting an example for biodiversity. Furthermore, the hive at the university will be fitted with a monitoring system in the future, which will allow the hive to be viewed at any time.


Apple trees

Along the S building, there is a plantation of apple trees, including old, regional apple tree varieties such as the Golden Pearmain from the Pomarium frisae from Ökowerk Emden.


Nest boxes

Perhaps some of you have already noticed them when walking around the university grounds:
There are nest boxes for birds and other animals on some trees, as well as an insect hotel.


Recycled paper

Since 2019, we have switched to environmentally friendly copy paper with the "Blauer Engel" certification in our photocopiers. We only use recycled paper towels and toilet paper. We have also switched to an economical paper towel dispenser to reduce waste. This conserves natural resources and prevents trees from being felled unnecessarily.