Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is the alignment of corporate processes with customer needs, quality and efficiency, and a root cause rather than symptom approach through the continuous and dynamic optimization of all processes and systems.

Here, the focus is on both the customer (external and internal) and the employees, so that sustainable success is achieved together.

Our team analyzes your operational processes and works with you to develop a plan to unlock the potential. Only cross-functional cooperation and a common understanding within the company can enable continuous improvement of processes in order to successfully move towards operational excellence. We support you in selecting the right methods, in planning the strategy as well as in integrating the employees in the transformation towards Operational Excellence in your company.

In addition to a holistic view, a consideration of individual sub-areas is also possible.

Lean production is a sub-area of lean management. The core objective of lean production is the continuous processing of material from the start of a production process to its completion. Your company can reach this goal with different methods, e.g.:

  • Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)
  • Standardization
  • Pull principle
  • Avoidance of waste
  • Value stream mapping
  • Shopfloor Management

Our team helps your company to find the appropriate methods and to integrate them into your business processes.

Lean administration is also a sub-area of lean management. The Lean principle is also suitable for the administrative areas of your company because this is where great potential lies. The reasons for this are often unclear responsibilities, unnecessary E-Mails, untidy desks and filing structures and extended meetings without concrete results. We support your company in optimizing processes in the administrative area, uncovering waste and minimizing the effort for activities, so that your employees have time for their core activities again.

In this context, we are happy to advise on the following topics, among others:

  • Process flow analysis / Makigami
  • Office material management (Kanban)
  • Visual management / "Officefloor" management
  • 5S in the office

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