Internship abroad

On this page we have summarized information concerning the funding opportunities and programs for you, as well as details about the recognition of credits received abroad. You will find further information regarding stays abroad, especially regarding an internet search for an internship and finance possibilities on our useful links page.

Here you can find our leaflet (in German) with information for an internship abroad.

If you complete a 2 to 12 month internship within the EU, Iceland, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, North Macedonia or Serbia this can also be funded through the Erasmus + Program (SMP):

  • Funding of mandatory internships and voluntary internships
  • The internship must be arranged with the university
  • Funding possible from the first year of study
  • Multiple funding BA, MA, PhD is possible (maximum 12 months per cycle, studies abroad and internships abroad will be summed up). The days stayed abroad without ERASMUSgrant (Zero Grant) will also be counted towards the max. contingent.
  • Possible monthly mobility grants:

These are the current ERASMUS+ rates for internships abroad*:

  • Group 1 (higher costs of living): Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom: Academic Year 2020/21 and winter semester 2021/22: 555 € per month (30 days); start between 01.04.22 and 31.12.22: 600 € per month (30 days)
  • Group 2 (average costs of living): Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus: Academic Year 2020/21 and winter semester 2021/22:495 € per month (30 days); start between 01.04.22 and 31.12.22: 540 € per month (30 days)
  • Group 3 (lower costs of living): Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Rumania, Slovakia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary, Serbia: Academic Year 2020/21 and winter semester 2021/22: 435 € per month (30 days); start between 01.04.22 and 31.12.22: 480 € per month (30 days)

Possible top ups for a start between 01.04.22 and 31.12.22*:

  • Single payment of 50 € for "green travel" of more than 50% of the total distance ==> in total for return trip (The definition of green travel has not been decided on finally. Flights will be excluded in any case.)
  • Up to 4 days additional grant for "green travel" if needed
  • 250 € monthly for students with special needs
  • 250 € monthly for students, who go abroad with a child/children

* The rates and top ups for a start in 2023 will be published in May/June 2022

Internships in the UK can be supported with the ERASMUS grant until May 2023, provided that there are still enough Erasmus funds.

The grant will be transfered in two rates: 75 % at the beginning of the mobility and 25% after the mobility, when all ERASMUS documents will have been handed in.

Calculation example: A mobility of 100 days equates to a full mobility of 3 grant-months and 10 days (3x monthly rate + monthly rate/30 days x 10 days)

  • Multiple funding BA, MA, PhD is possible (maximum 12 months total per cycle)

Applying for internships during your studies:  The application documents can be found here. Please note that these must be submitted to the International Office before the start of the internship. Application Deadline is 01.07. for the upcoming academic year. Depending on the availability of funds, applications may be considered afterwards. These will then be considered according to the order of application. Just inquire at the International Office if you can still be funded.

Application Graduate internships: Internships can also be funded with ERASMUS + within one year after completing the degree course. The condition is that the application is handed in as long as you are enrolled at our university. The application form can be found here.

Selection: The decision on the funding is made in the International Office with the approval of the departments, taking into account the budget. Significant selection criteria are the qualification and performance of the student, the meaningfulness of the planned stay in relation to the previous studies, the motivation as well as existing language skills that are necessary for the realization of the stay.

Further information on ERASMUS internships can be found in the short explanatory video of the German Academic Exchange Service.

A direct link to the European Union's Erasmus+ program can be found here.

Maybe also virtual or blended mobility could be interesting for you. Here are some reasons for this.

Students who have been selected for an ERASMUS+ internship in the project 2021-2023 will find information about the further steps and the required grant documents here. If you have problems with the documents in German, please contact Janine Hülsen from the International Office.

Info-sheet Erasmus traineeships abroad (in German, the international office can help you if you need a translation)

Learning Agreement for Traineeships "Before Mobility"

Learning Agreement for Traineeships "During Mobility"

Explanations regarding the Learning Agreement

ERASMUS+ Charta for students (in German, the international office can help you if you need a translation)

Grant Agreement traineeships (in German, the international office can help you if you need a translation)

Declaration of honour regarding "green travel" (in German, the international office can help you if you need a translation)

Information regarding the Covid-19 pandemic (in German, the international office can help you if you need a translation)

Certificate of Arrival

Letter of Confirmation traineeships

Traineeship Certificate

Form for the experience report (in German, the international office can help you if you need a translation)

You would like to study at a university that cannot be funded with the ERASMUS + program or other DAAD programs? For a study semester of 1-6 months you can apply for the PROMOS program directly at the International Office of HS Emden/Leer. Here you will find the current call for tenders. For advice and questions about the PROMOS program, please contact Ms. Janine Hülsen (janine.huelsen|at| Further information on the program can also be obtained directly from the DAAD at:


Please note the following:

Support may only be granted if there is no travel warning from the Foreign Office for the region in question. See

Scholarship holders with physical disabilities can sign up for a special requirement. Therefore, an informal application must be submitted to the International Office.

There is a selection process. The approval rate and amount depends on the respective financial allocation. The selection takes place in a selection committee, which consists of representatives of the faculties/departments, employees of the International Office and the Vice President for international affairs.

Please address feedback and criticism of the selection process to Dr. Sandra Koch (

HAW.International programme of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) for internships abroad of min. 2 and max. 6 months duration in the private and public sector  

You have to apply individually via the DAAD portal, thus there can be no counselling from the International Office or the international faculty coordinators. In case of questions, please inform yourself in the announcement text/FAQs or contact the DAAD directly. Please inform the International Office if the HAW.Interntional scholarship has been granted to you in order to avoid two grants at the same time as this is not allowed for the same purpose.

You will find further information in regard to this programme on our announcement page.

Here you will find a link to the DAAD Scholarship Database, which shows you further ways to finance an internship abroad. Here you will find a link with further information from the DAAD concerning internships abroad. 

You can find a good overview of possibilities to finance your stay abroad also in the scholarship brochure of the DAAD, including scholarships of other organisations as well (brochure is in German).

under certain circumstances, students who receive the regular BAföG and also students who are not eligible for the regular BAföG may receive funding for an internship abroad (Auslands-BAföG).

Application: At different BAföG offices, depending on the target country ==> if possible apply 6 months before your stay abroad

Prerequisite: The internship must be part of the curriculum with a minimum duration of 12 weeks

Amount of exemption: 300 Euros per month of a scholarship are not considered for the calculation of "Auslands-BAföG"

Funding: If applicable regular BAföG-funding + lump sum for travel costs + subsidy for insurance + subsidy for a stay outside of the EU and Switzerland

Further information: 


You can now find the current internship offers in the Career Port under the following link: Career Port

In order to receive all vacancies from different countries, you must make the following changes:

1. Go to "My Page"

2. Then click on "Customize my criteria"

3. Scroll down to "3. Languages" and select “also display content in the following languages" all other languages (such as English, Spanish ...)

4. Then go to "Save".

If you are interested in an internship in the Netherlands you might be interested in the Grenzenlo(o)s Talent! Project of the Career Service.

The ERASMUS + internship platform also offers search options for internships abroad. There you can also set your own profile.

Also look at our announcements for internships and financing programs.

Useful links to find an internship can be found here.

Please mind that you can apply for the ERASMUS scholarship for internships in the ERASMUS area (EU countries + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Macedonia, Turkey, Croatia).

Please also note that knowledge of the national language in the call for tenders is often not required (English is sufficient then).

Also numerous foundations might offer a financial support for your internship abroad. A comprehensive overview can be found at

Please also see our internal link "Announcements".

How to write application and the corresponding documents differ from country to country. You should inform yourself as early as possible about it (e. g. go to the library, look in the internet, ask your language teachers). Here are some useful links:

Among others information about applications in many countries: 

Europass CV:

Advice for applications in Englisch: 

Advice for applications in French:  

Advice for applications in Spanish:

What is a good internship abroad? The quality check internship abroad is primarily aimed at internship seekers and shows criteria that help in the preparation of an internship abroad.

The recognition of a training module integrated into the curriculum is analogous to a completed training module in Germany.

Also for voluntary internships abroad, the student should choose a supervisor in the faculty, who at least ensures the entry of the voluntary internship into an Annex to the diploma supplement (see also below).

ERASMUS+ Learning Agreement for Traineeships before mobility

ERASMUS+ Learning Agreement for Traineeships during mobility. (in case of changes) 

Explanations to the ERASMUS+ Learning Agreement for Traineeships (only in German)

ERASMUS+ Traineeship Certificate

Learning Agreement for Traineeships outside ERASMUS

Traineeship Certificate außerhalb ERASMUS+

After your stay abroad, you will also receive a Transcript of Records for Traineeships abroad and your stay abroad will be documented in the Annex to the Diploma Supplement. The conditions for this and further information can be found below on the page under "Recognition documents of the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer".

If there are problems concerning the recognition please contact the examination board of your faculty/department.

The University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer will provide its students with a transcript of records for traineeships abroad/interim report within 5 weeks after receipt of the internship certificate and will document the stay abroad in an annex to the Diploma Supplement, which the students will receive after completing their studies. The following steps are necessary for this:

  1. Present the traineeship certificate of the foreign institution/company as well as the Learning Agreement for traineeships to your trainee supervisor in the faculty.
  2. Download and save the electronic recognition form. Only then open it with Adobe Reader and fill out. If the download does not work, try another browser (Windows Explorer 10 requires Internet Explorer to be downloaded separately, with Microsoft Edge it does not work. If the document is not opened in Firefox, go to the top right corner of the arrow). You can choose the language. Both documents are created automatically (Transcript of Records and Annex to the Diploma Supplement) (Example).
  3. Save the document again under a different name.
  4. E-mail the document to your internship supervisor in your faculty.
  5. He/ She prints it as a transcript of records as well as an annex to the Diploma Supplement, signs it and also stamps the document if possible. When printing, a check digit is generated, so that the two documents can be assigned to each other and can not be changed afterwards.
  6. You will receive the version "transcript of records for traineeships", e.g. the supervisor for the internship can deposit it at the secretariat of your faculty/department for you to pick up.
  7. The Annex to the Diploma Supplement will be forwarded to the Examinations Office, where it will remain until the end of your studies when the Diploma Supplement will be issued.

Please also remember to check your insurance (eg. health insurance, liability insurance, accident insurance) forvalidity abroad before your stay abroad!

Health insurance in the EU: Unpaid internship ==> health insurance covered by current European Health Insurance Card (EHIC); paid internship ==> compulsory insurance in the country of the internship via the responsible social insurance agency, starting at the first cent or at a certain income. In this case please get in contact with your current health insurance agency.

In general: A good insurance option is provided by the DAAD (health insurance, liability insurance, accident insurance). Further information about costs, requirements, services, etc. can be found here.