Staying abroad with a child

Once per semester there the International Office and the Family Serviceoffer a special info-session for students with children, who are interested in a stay abroad. Here you will find the dates of the info-sessions.

Furthermore, you can make an individual appointment. This way we can counsel you according to your needs.

Here you will find some useful links, that can also help you:

Experiences of students: ==> "Inklusion und Chancengerechtigkeit"

Scholarships for study stays abroad with children:

Students with children can receive a special additional financial compensation for a stay abroad (study/internship), when they receive a grant for their stay abroad:

Erasmus Programme

Prerequisite: Your own child/children are taken abroad as part of an Erasmus-funded stay.

Application also possible if your partner is traveling with you; a double support of the child is to be excluded.

Possibility 1: Special funding as a top-up

Verification by declaration of honor ==> additional verification can be requested, e.g. travel documents or proof of day care abroad.

In addition to the monthly country rate (from SS 2023: country group 1 600 €, country group 2 540 €, country group 3 490 €), participants receive a monthly "top-up" for students with "fewer opportunities" of 250 € (additional top-up of 150 € for internships)

If both parents get the funding and take at least two children with them, they can both get the top-up.

Possibility 2: Special funding via a real cost application:

Evidence provided by the child's birth certificate, the child's travel documents, proof of child care abroad + proof of costs

Individual application (to be prepared together with the International Office), which shows the real additional costs caused by the stay abroad

Must be submitted by the IO to the national Erasmus Agency (DAAD) at least 2 months before the start of the stay abroad

National agency reviews and approves eligible funds

Possible funding: additional costs related to being abroad during mobility up to 15.000 €/semester and 30.000 €/year

Accounting/storage of the original receipts by HS Emden/Leer

See also: ==> please choose "ab Projekt 2022"

You will find general information about the Erasmus programm under the following links:

Erasmus grant for a study stay abroad

Erasmus grant for an internship abroad

Programmes with direct application at the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

E.g. HAW International, DAAD Jahresstipendien (scholarships for a full year), DAAD Kombinierte Studien- und Praxissemester (for combined study and internship stay abroad)

Selected participants can apply for the following extra funding:

Child allowance

Cost for child care

Allowance for married couples

Extra travel funding for partners and children

Insurance for partners and children

Further information: ==> question D7

Here you will find infomation about the programmes.