International Business Administration (B.A.)

During the Bachelor in International Business Administration, the students gain a professional, international degree in 6 semesters. With this, they are prepared for activities in business or for further studies in a Master's programme.

In this study programme, particular value is placed on internationality: Hence, a semester abroad, the development of knowledge in two foreign languages into foreign business languages and internationally oriented modules are mandatory.

The students learn the subject-specific course content such as general business administration and selected focus subjects through practical examples and projects. As well as this, key competences such as e.g. project management and rhetoric are also taught.

Differing from the standard Business Administration course of study, the International Business Administration course contains an additional foreign business language, different electives in semesters 4 and 5 as well as the mandatory semester abroad which students complete in the 5th semester.


Bachelor of Arts



Normal period of study

6 semesters

Beginning of study


Place of study

Emden or Leer



Prerequisite for entry

Certificate for university entry; subject-related entrance qualification; advanced technical college certificate

Entry limitation



180 ECTS


Accredited by


Business Studies

Many businesses require specially qualified employees who, in addition to an internationally oriented business administration education, speak several foreign languages, have multicultural personalities and have already proven their flexibility and adaptability through a stay abroad. Graduates of the Bachelor study programme International Business Administration take on the most diverse activities in international management and foreign business, work in export and import departments, build up foreign markets, support international customers and suppliers etc. Trainee programmes, direct entry, on-the-job training or working as an assistant are normal. Potential employers could be:

  • Medium-sized export/import-oriented businesses
  • Enterprises in banking, trade, industry, insurance, etc.
  • German and non-German businesses with branches/subsidiaries in the other country.
  • Institutions of the European Union, internationally active organisations, associations, administrative bodies.

The first three semesters in this internationally oriented study programme are similar to those of the Business Administration study programme. The students gain an overview of the principles of international business administration and the basic functions of businesses (production, sales, finance and management). Knowledge in the areas of invoicing, economics and law is also taught. The lectures are partly taught in English.

Furthermore, the students also develop their foreign language knowledge into foreign business languages. As foreign business language I, students can choose English or French, as foreign business language II, students can choose English, French, Spanish or Dutch (if there is sufficient demand).

The offered courses in the first three semesters of the Bachelor study programme International Business Administration (BIBA) is identical to the Bachelor study programme Business Administration. During these semesters, the nationally independent basic knowledge and the national specificities of business administration are taught, before the students get to know international specificities from the 4th semester onwards, and particularly during the study semester abroad.

From the 4th semester onwards, the BIBA students complete two focus subjects as well as the prescribed mandatory subjects, the 1st study focus with 16 lectures (20 credits) and the 2nd study focus with 12 lectures (15 credits). All focus subjects offered in the Business Administration study programme may be selected. The only exception to this is the focus subject Corporate Taxation which may not be selected as the content taught does not correspond to the tax laws of other countries. 


The courses of the Faculty of Business Studies are only starting every winter semester. You can apply on our courses on the online portal

Application deadlines

Winter semester

until the 15th July

Central student advice

Studentenwerk Oldenburg

Admissions Office

  • for orientation and study decision
  • for student financing
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    Why International Business Administration you may ask? Well, I like the thought of studying business and at the same time getting the chance of personal growth through the integrated semester abroad. A study in this unstable and volatile times does not provide any security of getting a job. But studying international may open some more doors. Especially if you take the languages education seriously you might get a fair chance of sticking out of the masses.

    The University of applied Science Emden/Leer offers the valuable advantage of a thriving learning atmosphere. How? Well, first of all our “classes” are rather small and secondly there is a proximity between students and professors. Meaning that whenever students have a problem they can go to the professors and ask them for help, while the professors how individual they may be take an interest in the student’s success and offer advice and help wherever it is needed. We work with a lot of examples of praxis, host project weeks, play games (with learning purpose of cause) and use the lessons to ask our professors questions. In other word, we learn how to operate the theory may it be through exercises in class or through tutors. This is important because there is an enormous difference between knowing the theory and being able to utilise it.

    Studying Business may it be international or not should never be taken easily though it’s also not a mountain which can’t be overcome. Of cause you should study to gain knowledge however you should not forget to have fun as well. You are going to meet a lot of new people, make new friends and gain experience. And you are going to grow together while succeeding within your study. My advice! You need courage to study international, but it pays off.


    The choice of the right specialisations decides about your later future carrier. The video about the specialations contains compact information and helps you to find the proper specialation for you.