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Technology: closer to trend-setting technologies.

Would you like to help shape tomorrow's technology and turn it into an exciting career? Then come closer! As the largest and most diverse faculty at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer, we offer you many opportunities to develop your talent in the best possible way. Whichever technologies you're interested in: you can get to know many exciting areas here thanks to a broad basic course of study and  then decide on your preferred specialisations. The whole thing is personally supervised by professors whose courses are not only strongly geared to your future professional practice but who promote your personal talents too. And who are, of course, available to you at any time – the advantage of a small but excellent campus university! 


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Fachbereich Technik

Gestalte die Technik von morgen mit und mache einen spannenden Beruf daraus:

Möchtest du auch mit klarer Perspektive studieren ohne deinen Traumjob aus den Augen zu verlieren - so wie unsere Studierenden Dorothee Siepker, Pasqual Ideus, Sönke Hohensee, Evelyn Dargelis und Kim Nolle? Dann solltest du einen Blick auf die Studiengänge im Fachbereich Technik werfen. Sie bieten dir vielfältige Möglichkeiten, deinen Traumjob zu finden; denn sie haben eines gemein: Durch ihre Nähe zu aktuellen Themen und ihren hohen Praxisbezug bieten sie dir klare berufliche Perspektiven – und jede Menge Raum, deine Talente und Stärken zu entfalten.

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Be there when new technologies emerge.

Our project: your future.

Studying technology at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer offers you more than just dry theory: you can put your acquired knowledge immediately into practice in your own projects. Actively involved in ongoing research activities, you will develop and work on your individual scientific questions and learn first-hand how practical science works.

Come closer and conduct research on important projects for the future with us – in an informal environment with close supervision by experienced and dedicated professors!

Project: Future.

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Come closer and find out more about our projects

Faculty of Technology study programmes

By studying in the Faculty of Technology you are very close to the innovations of tomorrow and to outstanding career prospects – you can find out all about our study programmes here.

Get into the science of today

The Bachelor's degree is the first academic degree and at the same time a vocational qualification from a university of applied sciences. The standard period of study is six to eight semesters. We offer the following Bachelor programmes:

Expand your academic qualifications

A Master's degree is the second step in your academic career. It offers you a variety of career opportunities and qualifies you for a doctorate. We offer the following Master study programmes:

Study flexibly full-time or part-time

In an online study programme, you can organise your studies so flexibly that they suit your personal living situation. You basically decide when and where you want to learn – you just have to keep a few fixed appointments, for example for classroom sessions. We offer you the following online study programmes:

Study and complete vocational training at the same time

The dual study system combines studies and vocational training. At the end you will obtain a vocational qualification in addition to your Bachelor's degree. We offer the following study programmes with practical experience:

Get fit for your studies

Preparation courses make it easier for you to start your studies. They refresh your knowledge and fill in any gaps in knowledge. You can find more information regarding this on the freshers’ information pages.

We bring you closer to tomorrow's technology.

Come closer and get to know Faculty of Technology team. You will also find relevant annual schedules, office hours and other dates here.

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University ambassadors

It doesn’t get closer than this: first-hand information.

Do you want to know what it’s like to study at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer? Then it’s best to ask those who are closer to the action than anyone else: your future fellow students. 

Our university ambassadors

The faculty video

Hello to all prospective students!


If you have any burning questions that you’d like to have answered by a current student, you now have the possibility to contact our university ambassadors directly by email. We look forward to receiving your message!

Mohan Jeganathan

“Participating in Elon Musk's Hyperloop project? Unbeatable!"

Mohan Jeganathan, Faculty of Technology University Ambassador