General information

We, the student council of the Social Work and Health department (FSR SAG), are a group of students that stands up for your interests. We bring new ideas to the university and realize them with our voice.

Last year, for example, we actively campaigned to create a beach volleyball court on campus. Furthermore, we have a work group (AG) that is responsible for organizing and planning events and parties (e.g. T-Foyer-Party) and regularly organizes new events for an active campus life.

Other work groups include public relations, committee-comprehensive work, external education, and gender equality. In the external education AG, we recruit people from outside our university to give lectures on topics that are interesting for our students. The gender equality AG organizes a variety of events to raise awareness and promote equality for all genders.

We always welcome new active members to help us continue participating in university politics and making a difference in one of the largest departments of the Emden/Leer University of Applied Sciences. If you are interested in university politics, want to put your own ideas into action to improve your studies at the university or you simply want to be part of a cool, dedicated team, you’re welcome to join our meetings.

We meet every Tuesday at 5:30 pm, usually in room T129. If you’re not sure how to find the room, we always meet in our office T078 at 5:20 pm. Our office is in the same hallway where all council offices are. Whether you’re interested in becoming a new member or not, you’re welcome to approach us if there are any questions, problems and other issues we can help you with. Our office is always open for you!

Feel free to come and get to know us in person!

Your student council, FSR-SAG