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University Management

Executive Committee


Prof. Dr. Gerhard Kreutz
Room V 206
Tel: (04921) 807-1001

Presidential Office at Emden/Leer

Vice president for employees and finance

Manfred Nessen
Room V 210
Tel: (04921) 807-1004

Vice president for studies and teaching

Prof. Dr. Marco Rimkus
Room V 203
Tel: (04921) 807-1012

Studies and Teaching at Emden/Leer

Vice President for Digitalisation and Communication

Prof. Dr. Anne Schweizer
Room V 204
Tel: (04921) 807-1006

Digitalisation and Communication at Emden/Leer​​​​​​​

Vice president for research, knowledge transfer and international affairs

Prof. Dr. Sven Steinigeweg
Room V 208
Tel: (04921) 807-1007  

President's Office

Head of the presidential office and Head of Student Counselling Service

Dipl.-Soz.päd. Birte Engelberts
Room V 205
Tel.: (04921) 807-1346
Fax: (04921) 807-1003  

Anteroom presidium

Carina Reck
Room V 207
Tel.: (04921) 807-1002  

Anteroom presidium

Maren Reuter
Room V 209
Tel.: (04921) 807-1014