Nautical science, shipbuilding and hydraulic engineering under one roof

In addition to designated references in ship handling simulation, the Maritime Technology Centre has a laboratory for marine technology with high-performance CFD resources for examination of the flow fields of ships and hydraulic structures at close range.

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Comprehensive training courses are also offered for external students in the fields of ship handling simulation and CFD. Leading projects for the future of ship propulsion are worked on in interdisciplinary groups. Here, the focus is on LNG propulsion systems and projects relating to wind hybrid systems (e.g. with towing kites or Flettner rotors) which are recognised around the world.

In addition to the opportunity to conduct photogrammetric studies in manoeuvre ponds, the equipment in the laboratories for physics and ship operating systems allows for long-term measurement of complex ship operation, nautical and material science parameters on seagoing and inland waterway vessels. In addition to typical hydrology measuring probes, the Maritime Technology Centre can also provide special instruments (including boat-based) which stretch from integrated water samplers through underwater inspection technologies to sonic imaging systems.

Coordinators of the Maritime College of Technology

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jann Strybny
phone: 0049 (0)491-92817-5040
e-mail:­ jann.strybny(at)

Prof. Kapitän Michael Vahs
phone: 0049 (0)491-92817-5022
e-mail:­ michael.vahs(at)