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Mobility app „Pave Commute“

Earn points NOW and win vouchers!

"Der Ostfriese" breakfast vouchers, AliBaba vouchers, Leer City vouchers and many more! From December 1 - 31, all the points (coins) you collect in the app will be ranked - and who knows, with a bit of luck you might be one of the lucky winners. 

By the way, it doesn't matter if you've found a carpool - just tracking your ride by bus/train instead of car will get you numerous coins! So what are you waiting for? 

Download it here, in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for free- register now exclusively with your university email address!


The university has decided to introduce an innovative mobility app to reduce Co2 emissions.

The app is called "Pave Commute". It helps to commute sustainably, share trips, reduce traffic and parking costs: Free your daily life from commute stress and meet other people at the same time. and it's available to use now, free of charge. You can save on raw materials and CO2, but you can also share your commute with other university members.

The solution combines mobility, movement and communication. It offers personalized mobility suggestions and supports us on our regular way to the university, whether by car, bike, public transport or on foot.

Energy crisis - prices are rising everywhere. Whether you live in Emden or outside, you too can do something good for the environment and your wallet by using Pave. Pave is a science-based commuting app that offers customized commute recommendations based on individual preferences, as well as support and encouragement for you. 

Pave Commute uses behavioral psychology, AI and responsive design to optimize your commute to work, reducing parking and CO2 emissions.

It is possible to download "Pave Commute" here, in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store - register now exclusively with your university email address!

The more university members are actively involved, the higher the chances to walk together and increase the function of the app.