Zweifel am Studium

There are different reasons why you can be unsatisfied or have doubts about your studies. The path to the goal of a bachelor or masters degree can be bumpy for the most varied of reasons. The top 3 reasons that cause students to break off their studies are: Problems in achieving results, finance problems and a lack of motivation.

Too high study demands as well as the accompanying pressure to perform can lead to not passing examinations. Fitting tackling financial problems and studying with a student job under one roof can often be difficult. Stipends and bursaries can provide help. False expectations of their chosen subject and a lack of identification with raised topics can result in motivation problems as well.

In the Emden/Leer University of Applied Sciences central study counselling office, you can learn how to continue your studies. Here, there are bridge possibilities to tackle a financial shortfall or help with workshops to counteract a drop in motivation with learning and working techniques. Information on changing course or university can also give you an alternative to your current studies and, if applicable, help you to continue your studies successfully.

However, if you are sure that studying is now out of the question for you, there is also the option of choosing a dual vocational apprenticeship. The wide diversity of dual apprenticeship careers offers you many individual vocational perspectives. An advantage of this educational path is the larger financial independence, already during the apprenticeship. But the practical orientation of the transfer of knowledge in the course of a dual apprenticeship can also be crucial in choosing this educational path.

Even if you have already decided that a dual apprenticeship is the right alternative for you, and you are now looking for a suitable apprenticeship company: Using a comprehensive competence analysis, we are happy to determine custom-fit apprenticeship companies and will make first contact to the company if you wish. If you have made the decision to undertake a dual apprenticeship, the university works closely together with the Wachstumgsregion Ems-Achse e.V. to present you with suitable apprenticeship offers.

What is Erfolgreich 4.0

Supporting companies, shaping apprenticeships, gaining skilled workers: With the apprenticeship structure programme JOBSTARTER plus, the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) is supporting the improvement of regional apprenticeship structures across the country.

In cooperation with Ems Achse e.V., we support those who do not finish their courses of study to find an alternative to their studies. Our contacts with numerous companies gives you the opportunity to undertake a (dual) vocational apprenticeship with well-known companies.

Together with our association partner, the Wachstumsregion Ems-Achse, we have set ourselves the goal of counteracting the skills shortage and accompanying study sceptics on their chosen path.

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Erfolgreich 2.0 - Eine Studienabbrecherin berichtet
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