Printed media collections and media on data carriers

All these media are listed in the ► library catalog.

Our collection is constantly being expanded.

The ► acquisition departments will be pleased to receive your acquisition suggestions.

Find printed media collections and media on data carriers...

Our ► library catalog represents the entire print collections - books, magazines, newspapers, theses, and much more. - of all library branches.

Media on data carriers (e.g. DVDs, CD-ROMs), games, psychological tests and television recordings are also listed in the catalog. They are often part of the special stock of the ► Mediathek at Campus Emden.

In addition, you will find ► electronic media such as e-journals and e-books.

Research in the library catalog is possible without further registration.

An introduction as well as helpful tips and tricks on how to use the catalog can be found in our ► first semester and training courses and in the library's ► Moodle courses.


Unser ► Bibliothekskatalog bildet den gesamten Printbestand - Bücher, Zeitschriften, Zeitungen, Abschlussarbeiten, u.v.m. - aller Bibliotheksstandorte ab.

Auch Medien auf Datenträgern (bspw. DVDs, CD-ROMs), Spiele, psychologische Tests und Fernsehmitschnitte sind im Katalog verzeichnet. Sie sind häufig Teil des besonderen Bestandes der ► Mediathek am Campus Emden.

Darüber hinaus finden Sie hier ► elektronische Medien wie E-Journals und E-Books.

Die Recherche im Bibliothekskatalog ist ohne weitere Anmeldung möglich.

Eine Einleitung sowie hilfreiche Tipps und Tricks zum Umgang mit dem Katalog erhalten Sie in unseren ► Erstsemester- und Fachrechercheschulungen sowie in den ► Moodle-Kursen der Bibliothek.

The University Library Emden/Leer currently has three branches. At which library branch a medium is available, can be seen from the inventory data in the catalog:

  • Bibliothek am Maritimen Campus Leer: 
    • Location information: Bibliothek Campus Maritim
  • Bibliothek am Business Campus Leer:
    • Location information: Bibliothek Business Campus Leer
  • Zentralbibliothek am Campus Emden
    • no Location information is shown

In the university library there are media that have a separate storage location within the respective library for a special purpose. If this applies to a medium, the special location is named in the catalog.

Locations within the libraries - Special locations within the libraries are for example the textbook collection, the course reserve collection or the stack. Here too, you will find corresponding information in the location informations in the catalog.

Non-accessible media - Media from some locations are not accessible for you. This includes, for example, the locations office, laboratory or individual reserve collection. Please note the loan status and notes in the catalog's inventory data.

You have found a book in the catalog? Now you want to borrow it? In three steps with the signature to the book...

Shelf mark from the holdings information in the catalog: PIF / Man

  1. Find the right library branch.
  2. Find the shelf section with the first three letters from the shelfmark: "PIF".
  3. Find the book on the shelf inside the shelf section with the second part of the shelf mark: "Man".

Books with a yellow dot on the spine are called reference copies. These books should be available in the library at all times and therefore are not borrowable.

A copy of each title that is available in the textbook collection always remains in the library and cannot be borrowed. This reference copy is located in the open access area with the same shelf mark and is additionally labelled on the back with a note regarding the textbook collection.

Periodicals, newspapers, loose-leaf collections, historic collections, legislative texts and commentaries, annuals and thesis are also not borrowable.

If a print medium is in the stacks at a library branch, this is indicated in the catalog under the holding information.

Outdated or rarely needed literature is stored in the stack. If you need something from the stack, please contact the service desk.

Literature can be provided for a specific subject in a course reserve collection. Course reserve collections are sorted by the name of the lecturer and cannot be borrowed, so that they are always available for inspection.

If there is a medium in a course reserve collection, this is indicated in the catalog under the holdings information.

Journals are not recorded in the library catalog on the content level. To search for journal articles, please use ► external catalogs such as the Online Contents (OLC) or the GVK-PLUS.

Print media from other libraries (books, journals and newspapers). To do so, please use ► external catalogs such as the Common Union Catalog (GVK) or the Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog (KVK).

Due to the data situation, e-journals and e-books that are part of databases cannot always be included in the library catalog. Therefore, a search directly in a database is always worthwhile.

The databases themselves are also not listed in the library catalog. You can access databases and their contents via the ► Database Information System (DBIS).

You need support? We are happy to help you!



Theses are listed in the ► library catalog and can be viewed by individual departments or divisions in the reading room, provided they are not blocked for viewing.

Please contact the service counter at your location or in the Central Library Emden also directly ► Mediathek.

Theses are not borrowable.

They are always uncorrected library copies. Photographic reproductions in any form (copying, photography, etc.) are not permitted.

Research for Theses

You can use the advanced search function in the library catalog to search specifically for theses. Please use the instructions below or contact the service desk.

Research Instructions for Theses [PDF, english]


Textbook Collection (LBS)

In the Textbook Collection (LBS), we provide you with several copies of literature that is particularly in demand. The LBS is located in a separate place within the library and is marked on the shelves.

For each title you find in the textbook collection, one copy of the book will always remain in the library and cannot be borrowed. This reference copy in the open access area is marked with a yellow dot at the signature. If all copies are on loan, we also offer the QR Code Service for individual titles.

In general, as soon as a book is available in at least four copies, you will find all borrowable copies in the textbook collection.

QR-Code Service:

If we have purchased a book from the textbook collection as an e-book, you will find a display with a QR code on the shelf.

Simply scan in the QR code and read the e-book.


All print journals and newspapers are listed in the ► library catalog.

Periodicals and newspapers cannot be borrowed, but extracts can be copied in the library within the copyright limits.

Current print journals can be found in the open access area of the library. Older volumes can be found in the stack. If you need such an older journal volume, please contact the service desk.

Research for Print Journals

If you want to limit your search in the library catalog to print journals (and series) only, use the advanced search. Here you can determine the type of material to be searched. If you check the box "Periodicals (non-online)", only print journals and series will be displayed in the hit list.

If you already know the title or parts of the title of a journal, you can also search for it directly: in the library catalog, set the second option list to the search key "[SER] Series, periodical (keywords)" and enter a keyword from the title of the journal you are looking for in the text field.

The collaborative journal database (print editions from 2005) of the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer and the Jade University of Applied Sciences Wilhelmshaven/Oldenburg/Elsfleth allows you to search online for print journals and the available issues: ► Datenbank Printzeitschriften.


Journals are not recorded in the library catalog on the content level (contained articles). To search for journal articles, please use ► external catalogs such as the Online Contents (OLC) or the GVK-PLUS.


Classification System

The print media of the University Library Emden/Leer are positioned in a form that is based on a principle which allows the grouping of thematically related literature and thus ensures you can find relevant information quicker - a so-called classification system determines the order within positioning of our print media.

You can view the → classification system of the University Library Emden/Leer  [german, PDF] and use it for your research on branch or in the library catalog.