Keep on track, get organized, use sources effectively

Citavi is a reference management and knowledge organization software that is very user-friendly and functional. The campus license gives all students, teachers and employees of our university this powerful program for free use.

With Citavi you have the opportunity...

  • to search for literature and save reference information.
  • to take over information from the Internet immediately with the add-on Citavi-Picker.
  • refresh your literature content, take quotes and write down your own ideas and thoughts on the text.
  • to create bibliographies in various citation styles automatically.

The Team edition

With our team edition of Citavi, you can simultaneously work in a team on a joint Citavi project in the campus network. To do this, select the Team Project option when you start a new project and save it to a shared drive. Because the Citavi team projects must be stored on an accessible drive for all parties. Via VPN, authorized persons also have access to the data from outside campus network.

Getting started with Citavi

First install Citavi Free. With this version you can already use the whole program, but you are limited to 100 titles.

Since the University Library Emden/Leer has completed a campus license, you can request the license data easily on the following page: Search in the alphabetical list "Emden" for University Library Emden/Leer and in the next step, enter your personal ID that you have received from the data center (na5000 ...)

After successfully creating your Citavi account, click on the login symbol in the Citavi start window and enter the access data for your Citavi account. The activation is valid for the duration of the campus license.
Our current license for Citavi is valid until April 2023.