The Faculty of Shipping & Maritime Science mentoring team

The mentoring team in the Faculty of Shipping advises, supports and guides students for a successful start to their studies, as well as supporting them during their time as a student with insider tips about the degree, arrangement of learning groups, or simply with an open ear.

Workshops and events to accompany your studies are also organised around the learning:

LADL – Long evening of learning
You solve problems in groups from the subjects which are still causing you problems or in which you want to increase your knowledge. Lecturers and tutors are present to answer your questions.

LADH – Long evening of homework
We help you to get started with your scientific work as smoothly as possible in various workshops.


Contact to the mentoring-team

Hochschule Emden / Leer
- Mentoring-Team Seefahrt & Maritime Wissenschaften -
Fachbereich Seefahrt
Bergmannstraße 36
26789 Leer

On facebook you can find current event dates:
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We are pleased about your personal suggestions.

The mentoring-team of the Faculty of Maritime Sciences:
Mentor Daniel Hofmann

Mentor Malte Nafzger
Nautik VIII