With the help of Shibboleth you have the possibility to use web services of other providers with your university login without the provider knowing your user name or your password. Your login will always be checked and verified at the university.


  • You access the desired electronic resource (database, ejournal, eBook, etc.).
  • With some providers, you will immediately be directed to a login screen. In other cases you must first select your country (or for Germany the "DFN-AAI") and the Hochschule Emden/Leer in the menu.
  • Then you can log in with your university ID and the corresponding password.
  • The university's Shibboleth login will then return to the service provider's page and you can use the service.

The university's Shibboleth login is always called by the service provider. In the example to the right, the Shibboleth login was called by RWTH Aachen University, which offers the Gigamove service. The "Log in to:" always indicates which service requested the login.

Below the "Login" button you will find further information of the computer center (HRZ).

When you close the browser, the Shibboleth session is automatically logged off. There is no active logout, i.e. there is no logout button.

Shibboleth services should not be used in public places such as an internet cafe. There, for example, key loggers could be installed that record your user name and password. If you still use a public PC, you should delete your private data (cookies, Internet history) after the session.

ServiceShort description
Academic CloudCloud
DFN TerminplanerAppointment and survey software
DFN WebkonferenzenOnly for staff members; webconference via Adobe-Connect
GigamoveA webplatform for data exchange
JobteaserCareer portal
MatlabMathematics software
PlagscanFor university staff only; plagiarism check
PraktomatInternal; delivery portal for programming tasks
As well as various applications provided by the library. You can find a list -> here