Welcome to the focus on Financial Management & Controlling

In the "Financial Management and Controlling" concentration, you will deal with two sub-areas that deal with the financial management of companies.


In the area of financial management, on the one hand, the financial management of companies is considered comprehensively. You learn how the optimal supply of a company with financial resources takes place. You will study current financial instruments and learn about and evaluate other measures of capital procurement, capital structuring and contractual design of financial relationships via payment, information, monitoring and security rights between companies and their capital providers. Current financing options via financial markets also play a role in your studies. In addition, you will learn how to manage credit institutions in the area of bank management.

In the area of controlling, the focus is on supporting management through controlling processes, in particular planning, control, analysis and reporting, in order to manage the company in a goal-oriented manner. On the one hand, this is intended to create transparency within the company, e.g., to make it clear which products and which customers are earning how much money. On the other hand, the subdivisions of the company are to be coordinated with each other, e.g. to ensure that development, production and sales are based on the same expectations for the future sales development of the company. In addition, the use of controlling should make it clear whether a company is achieving its intended goals or will encounter problems in the future, and if so, where. The whole thing takes place both on the strategic and on the operational level. Special areas of controlling are then, for example, cost management, sustainability controlling, or functional controlling (for marketing, production or logistics).

In the focus area of financial management and controlling, numerous excursions, practical lectures and projects are integrated into the teaching. Find out from the focus representatives (who all come from practice) about the offerings in the coming semester.

The teaching is practice-oriented: Current developments are treated and discussed as case studies. Business games also play an important role in the teaching portfolio and enable you to apply your acquired knowledge under real conditions.

Financial management: Your possible career fields are corporate finance departments and any activities and areas in banks and savings banks. In addition to the two main areas of banking and financial management, you will also specialize in the research areas of reorganization, restructuring and insolvency.

Controlling: You can start your career in a qualified position in planning and controlling departments, such as controlling, business administration or corporate development. Frequent fields of employment are also the assistance of the board of directors or the management, up to the commercial management.


Financial management:

- Corporate Finance

- Securities Management

- Restructuring Management

- Mergers & Acquisitions

- Banking and Finance Law

- Entrepreneurship

- Failing Corporates

- Corporate Finance


- Strategic and Operational Controlling

- Cost and divisional controlling

- Modern controlling concepts

- Logistics Controlling

- Computer Aided Management Accounting

- International Project Management

- Controlling Project


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Portisch: Financing in the Corporate Life Cycle, 2nd edition, 2016

Portisch: Restructuring and Insolvency from a Bank Perspective, 4th edition, 2019

Portisch/Cranshaw: Praxishandbuch Unternehmensrestrukturierung nach StaRUG, 2022