Interlibrary Loan

Non-fiction books and essays that you need for teaching and study, but are not available in the University Library Emden/Leer, can be procured from other libraries as so-called interlibrary loans.

Interlibrary loan requests are available to all registered members of the University Library Emden/Leer.

Please feel free to contact us.

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan Office

phone +49 4921 807 - 1771


Campus Emden, library, room B5

Single order or interlibrary loan account?

If you only want to order a single title, please contact the service desk at your site. In this case we will acquire the interlibrary loan request for you.

If you would like to order several books or essays as interlibrary loan, please contact the interlibrary loan office and have an interlibrary loan account created.

For the use of the interlibrary loan service you will first need an ID to access your personal interlibrary loan account. In addition, your interlibrary loan account must be charged with credit.

To create your interlibrary loan account, we need the following information from you:

  1. full name
  2. membr number (under the barcode on CampusCard / student ID card / Library Card)
  3. preferred library branch, in which your interlibrary loans can be collected at and returned to
  4. the number of units (credit), with which the account is to be charged

The specification for the number of units is based on the desired number of your requests. One unit includes the order of one book or one article for 1,50 €. For more detailed information please refer to the section What do interlibrary loan requests cost?.

The ID of the interlibrary loan account remains active as long as you are a member of the University Library Emden/Leer. You can change the password. Should you lose your ID or lose your password, please report this to the interlibrary loan section immediately.

After setup and charge of your interlibrary loan account, you can independently order in the  GBV Union Catalogue (GVK)↑. You will receive a brief instruction when you create your interlibrary loan account.

Further information can also be found on the FAQ pages of GBV (Common Libraty Network)↑.

Please check before each request, if an acquisition for the collection of the University library of Emden/Leer would be more useful. Acquisition suggestions for new media can easily be forwarded to us.

Non-fiction books and essays that you need for teaching and study, but are not available in the University Library Emden/Leer, can be procured from other libraries.

Excluded from interlibrary loans are complete journals, electronic media, films, novels, titles under 10,00 € value and especially current or popular literature.

Essays can only be delivered as a copy. The specification of author, title, year, volume/issue and page number is required for the request.

If a title is not available in the GVK (GBV Union Catalogue), please contact our staff directly.

The statutory fee for the use of the interlibrary loan service is 1,50 € for each requested book or essay (fee regulation↑).

You can increase your credit on your interlibrary loan account by any amount. But please note that we do not refund remaining credit. You always pay the fees at your home branch.

Copies of 20 pages or more, will incur extra costs. During the ordering process you can state the maximum amount for costs incurred on the order form. You may also pay these costs in the library branch at your site.

The fee of a cancelled or not deliverable interlibrary loan order will not be refunded.

In general, interlibrary loans are delivered after 1-3 weeks. During this time please refrain from asking as to the status of your request. You can check the status in your interlibrary loan account. The requested items will be sent to your home branch and can be picked up there at the service desk.

You will be notified as soon as your order has arrived with us. Please collect your interlibrary loan promptly. The loan period begins with the allocation at the circulation desk.

The loan period begins on the day of delivery at the circulation desk and usually amounts to 28 days. A single extension of the loan period of 28 days is often possible. The principle applies: The loan periods and the renewal periods are dependent on the conditions from the giving library.

Please note: for interlibrary loans you do not receive automatic e-mail notification before the end of the loan period.

Please write an email to us at least 3 days before the end of the loan period. You will then receive a corresponding message.

Campus Emden: fernleihe.emden(at)

Business Campus Leer:

Maritime Campus Leer: bibliothek.maritim(at)

You can return the interlibrary loan to the circulation desk during the opening hours of the library branch. We will take care of the return transport to the giving library.

In GVK↑, OLC↑ and GVK-PLUS↑, you will also find media, which is available already in the collections of the University Library Emden/Leer.

Look under the title display for a graphic with the text "In own library". If this graphic appears, the medium is in stock of the university library Emden / Leer and you do not have to order it as interlibrary loan.