We hope you will join us at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer! Whether you would like to study here within the framework of Erasmus+, another exchange programme or as an independent student (so called "free mover"), we welcome you to apply.

Application deadlines:

Fall term (Sep - Feb):          31. May
Spring Term (Mar - July):   30. Nov

ATTENTION: Due to the current situation, we are flexible if we only receive applications after the deadline!

Application Forms:

- Please fill in the respective LEARNING AGREEMENT

(ATTENTION: the Learning Agreement will be provided by your home university)

It is important to emnsure that all statements of the "Home Instituion's Proof" are true and complete . 

Detailed information about OLA (Online-Learning Agreement) please find HERE





English Program - Faculty of BUSINESS STUDIES



Individual Projects/Final Projects/Thesis can be offered at the Faculty of Technology in German or Englishupon request.

In this case the project intention has to be indicated in the Learning Agreement.

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Electrical Engineering and Automation TechnologyLink 
Computer ScienceLink 
Media TechnologyLink 
Selected courses In ENGLISHLink 


Industrial Informatics



Department of Mechanical Engineering

Industrial and Business Systems (IBS)Link 
Mechanical Engineering and Industrial DesignLink 
Selected courses in ENGLISH languageLink 

Department of Natural Sciences

Chemical Engineering/ Environmental TechnologyLink 
Engineering PhysicsLink 
Sustainable Energy SystemsLink 
Sustainable Energy Systems: Lectures in ENGLISH languageLink 
Engineering PhysicsLink 
Applied Life SciencesLink 

Business AdministrationLink 
International Business AdmistrationLink 


Business ManagementLink 
Management ConsultingLink 

Exchange Programme "Supporting families, children and youths in their environment" (in English language)Link 
Interdisciplinary Physiotherapy-Motology-Occupational TherapyLink 
Social WorkLink 
Social and Health ManagementLink 
Inclusive Education in early ChildhoodLink 


Social Work and Health in the Context of Social CohesionLink 

Nautical Science and Maritime TransportLink 
Maritime Technology and Shipping ManagementLink 
Courses in ENGLISH for Maritime SciencesLink 


International Master of Maritime Operations Link 


Fall Term 2021 - 22


Orientation weeks for exchange-/Erasmus+-students

Beginning of September (2 weeks before semester start)

Beginning of Fall Term

1st September 2021

Beginning of lecture period

20th September 2021

Application deadline for intern. exchange-/Erasmus+ students for next Spring Term

30 Nov 2021

Christmas break

24th December 2021 - 2nd January 2022

End of lecture period incl. exam period

28th January 2022

End of Fall Term

28th Feburary 2022


Spring Term 2022


Orientation weeks for exchange-/Erasmus+-students

10 Feb - 28 Feb 2022

Beginning of Spring Term

1 Mar 2022

Application deadline for intern. exchange-/Erasmus+ students for next Fall Term

31 May 2022

 End of lecture period incl. exam period

1 July 2022

End of Spring Term

31 August 2022


Follow the link in order to check theLANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS of our University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer

Every semseter the International Office offers "Orientation Weeks"  before lecture start.

further information


General Grading System: “very good“, “good”, “satisfactory”, “sufficient”

Non-official Abstract:

§ 11 (2) General Part (Part A) of the examination regulations for all bachelor courses (BPO) of the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer.

§ 14 (2) General Part (Part A) of the examination regulations for all master courses (MPO) of the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer.

1) The grading system should be used as follows:

Numerical scale        

Textual scale        


1,0; 1,3

very good                

an extremely outstanding perfomance    

1,7; 2,0; 2,3


an extraordinary performance  above the average standard

2,7; 3,0; 3,3


a performance that meets the average standard

 3,7; 4,0 


a performance that meets the minimum criteria despite its shortcomings



a performance that cannot be awarded any credits due to substantial shortcomings



2) In case the performance is graded by two examiners, the final grade results from the mean of the two individual grades.



Further information: Admission and Examination Office / Examination Regulations


Fact Sheet, more information and downloads you may find HERE.

Entry into Germany: with or without a visa?

If your nationality is from a country of the European Union (EU), of the European Economic Area (EEA) or from Switzerland, you do not need a visa to enter Germany. You only require a valid passport. However, within 2 weeks after entry into Germany you are required to register at the local Residents’ Registration Office (Einwohnermeldeamt) in order to receive a residence permit.

If your nationality is from a non-European country, you need a visa (category D). Whether you require a visa for study purposes for entering Germany or whether you can obtain the required residence title for study purposes only after entry into Germany depends on the country you come from and on how long you plan to stay in Germany. For further information, please contact the Federal Foreign Office

It is important for you to enquire about the necessary formalities for applying for a visa at the earliest possible date. We advise you to apply for a visa in good time as it usually takes several weeks to process the visa application.

For further information about the documents required, please contact one of the German Missions Abroad, i. e. the German Embassy or the General Consulate of the German Embassy in your home country or country of residence.

Click here to learn more:

Citizens' Office Emden: 
Frickensteinplatz 2, 26721 Emden (in German only): 

International students have to have a health insurance, which is valid in Germany in order to register at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer. There is a possibility that your health insurance from home is valid here in Germany as well. So international students have the following possibilities:

Take out a foreign health insurance for Germany in your home country

Here you have to make sure that the health insurance covers everything. That means It is very important for you to know that if your policy is valid during the whole duration of stay in Germany, it covers all new and emerging diseases, epidemics and medically necessary treatments, including COVID-19.The insurance policy has to be available in English or in German.European students, who have an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) and Turkish students, who have an AT/11 form, do not need an extra health insurance to study in Germany. Please note that this rule does not apply, if you have a job or paid internship in Germany.

Take out insurance in Germany

There are private and national health insurances in Germany. Students have to pay appr.100€ per month for national health insurance. Costs for private health insurance can differ and you can compare them online. Students with foreign health insurance or a private German health insurance need proof for registration at university, that the insurance is sufficient. This proof can be issued by national German health insurances. Important information about health insurance can be found on the following website: German Academic Exchange Service

Therefore the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer strongly advise all students open up a private accident and also a liability insurance that is valid in Germany. (The liability insurance is important when you accidentally injure or damage someone else or someone else's property. It is highly recommended to have this insurance).