Very close to student life: our university ambassadors.

Would you like first-hand impressions to choose your study programme? Then you've come to the right place! As students and ambassadors of the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer, we know your faculty very well and can give you exciting insights.

We will be happy to show you our university, tell you about our experiences, inform you about student life and answer all your questions about your future studies. 

Just get in touch with us! As who could inform you more authentically about studying in Emden/Leer than those who are studying here? Nobody's closer than we are. We look forward to seeing you!

Some of the university ambassadors team:
Chris Wessmann, Georgios Balezos, Lena Jäger, Julius Tönjes, Marc Sandmann, Marielotta Wellner-Schie und Mohan Jeganathan

Very close to your future: fascinating from the study programmes.

Would you like to take a look at our faculties and experience what studying at our university is like? No problem. Simply click on the video clip to find out more about your favourite area of interest.

Your contacts

This is us – your university ambassadors! We look forward to giving you an insight into student life at our university. One of us is there for you in every department.

Faculty of Maritime Sciences

Georgios Balezos

Faculty of Maritime Studies


study programme
Nautical Science and Maritime Transport (B.Sc.)

Lena Jäger

Fachbereich Seefahrt und Maritime Wissenschaften


Maritime Technology and Shipping Management (B.Sc.)

Faculty of Social Work and Health

Marielotta Wellner-Schie

Fachbereich Soziale Arbeit und Gesundheit



Soziale Arbeit (B.A.)

Faculty of Technology

Mohan Jeganathan

Fachbereich Technik

Maschinenbau und Design (B.Eng.)

Chris Wessmann

Fachbereich Technik


Chemie- und Umwelttechnik (B.Eng.)

Faculty of Business Studies

Julius Tönjes

Fachbereich Wirtschaft


Wirtschaftspsychologie (B.A.)

Marc Sandmann

Fachbereich Wirtschaft


Wirtschaftspsychologie (B.A.)