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Very close to your future profession: Our training, practice-integrated and part-time degree programs.

Can I complete a degree course and vocational training at the same time? Yes, you can: With the help of our dual - or combined practice - study programs. They combine your vocational training in the company with a fully-fledged university degree, guaranteeing you the best prospects for the future.

How does it all work? It's simple: You enrol at our university of applied sciences and also agree a training contract with a company. After successfully passing the exam, you will have both a Bachelor's degree and your professional qualification under your belt. And the best thing is: as a rule, your business will take you on immediately.

But please note: For some companies, the application deadlines are one year before the start of the program. For more information on the application deadline, please contact the training companies directly. 

Our part-time Bachelor's degree programs

Our part-time Master's degree programs

Business Campus Leer

Come closer: let us introduce the Business Campus Leer.

Would you like to study dual business administration? Then you've come to the right place at the Business Campus Leer: As part of the Faculty of Business Studies you will find us in the middle of the beautiful old town of Leer. But we are not only very close to the region’s life but also to the formulas for success for your career. We look forward to seeing you.


More about the Business Campus

Advantages for students

What the dual study system enables you to do

  • Full university studies
  • University degree and professional qualification
  • Closer integration of profession and studies than in classical university studies
  • Best career opportunities at your company – and everywhere
  • Scholarship from your training company for the entire duration of your studies
Advantages for partner businesses

What the dual study system can do for companies

  • Young talent
  • Young, highly qualified employees with practical work experience and precise company knowledge
  • Reduced or no induction period
  • High level of identification with the company
  • High motivation and efficiency
  • Close collaboration between the university and company

What you need to bring with you

To complete a study programme with practical experience, you need at least a university entrance qualification and a study agreement with a partner company. In principle, any company that offers you an apprenticeship can become a partner for practical experience.

Your contacts

If you have any questions about dual studies, our contacts from the student advice service will be happy to help you.

Birte Engelberts

Leiterin Studienberatung, Allgemeine Studienberatung

Tel. 04921/807-1346

Mensa Erdgeschoss (M002)

Birgit Tischner

Allgemeine Studienberatung, Messen und Schulbesuche

Tel. 04921/807-1373

Mensa Erdgeschoss (M003)