Registration and Membership


Activate your CampusCard as a library card. Register as a member of the University Library Emden/Leer.

First fill in the online registration form and then sign in at the service desk. The registration process will be completed here.

Online registration form

You can register at your favoured library branch (Emden or Leer). Then you are entitled to use the University Library Emden/Leer at all branches.

To register, you need your identity card and (as a member of the university) your CampusCard.

Foreign persons must prove that they are resident in Germany and therefore require a registration certificate in addition to your identity card/passport.

Minors need written permission from their parents. The required form is available at the service desk.

Registration as a member of the University Library Emden/Leer is free of charge for persons with a CampusCard

  • Students of the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer
  • Students with CampusCard from the Jade Hochschule from WHV, Elsfleth and Oldenburg
  • Professors
  • Teachers on special assignment (LfbA)
  • Employees
  • technical students, guest students, exchange students and Ergänzungshörer
  • contract Specialized students, guest students, exchange students, supplementary auditors

Persons without a CampusCard (external, contract lecturers) pay a one-time fee of 5.00 € (fee regulation ↑).

  • The field “wohnhaft bei” (c/o) needs to be filled in if there is a different name on the mailbox.

...for students, technical students etc.:

  • Under Semester Address (Semesteranschrift) you enter your residential address during your studies.
  • As the “Home Address” (Heimatanschrift) enter the place of residence of your parents. If you already have an own household and permanent residence, fill in only the semester address.

...for professors, LfbA and employees

  • In the field “Office Address” (Dienstanschrift), please enter the address of your university location. You will receive letters from the University Library by in-house mail. Please also enter your home address.

...for external and contract lecturers

  • Please make only address entries under private address.


Your membership in the University Library Emden / Leer entitles you to use various functions of the user account as well as individual services of the library. Please keep your membership up-to-date.

Your membership in the University Library Emden/Leer expires half-yearly (for students) or every year (in the case of non-university members). Without extension, you cannot renew your loans or place holds in your library account.

Please send us an email with the following content:

  • informal request to extend membership
  • full name and student number
  • your current address

You will receive a confirmation email when we have processed your request.

Or extend your membership personally at the service desk.

Changes of your address or name must be communicated to us immediately in writing. Please fill out the corresponding form at the service counter.

It is in your interest to report the loss of your library card immediately. Your member account will then be temporarily blocked. The block will remain until a new CampusCard is presented and activated as your library card. For external users without a CampusCard, we charge a fee of 5,00 € for a new library card (fee regulation↑).