Information about the practical semester

Your practical semester is regulated by practical semester regulations as part of the accreditation of the Ship and Shipping Company Management Bachelor’s degree programme and the subsequent Maritime Technology and Shipping Management degree programme.

In special cases, professional qualifications which have been obtained before the beginning of the degree can be recognised as part of your practical semester or as a full practical semester.

According to the study regulations for the SRM degree programme (version of 06/2010), Sec. 3.6 Practical semester, a person who is tasked with the practical semester is appointed in the Shipping Faculty, who monitors and, where successful, recognises the proper execution of this academic performance. Recognition of the placement is done through recognition of the practical semester report.

The planned execution of the practical semester must be agreed upon with the person responsible for the practical semester. Before the beginning of the placement, you must personally submit three copies of the employment contract or placement contract. These contracts are initialled, and one copy remains with the person responsible for the practical semester.

You can find details of the execution of the placement and the necessary forms at the Moodle-Course Praxissemester - MTSM - Informationen.

Documents such as contracts or reports are submitted exclusively during the specified office hours for the person responsible for the practical semester in the appropriate office.

Current supervisor for practical semesters:
Christian Stampa, M.Sc.

phone: 0049 (0)491-92817-5043
e-mail: christian.stampa(at)