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Maritime Sciences: closer to the big wide world.

Do you have a healthy portion of wanderlust and interest in technology? Then come closer! The world's oceans are the largest trade routes on planet earth and perfectly trained specialists are needed for us to be able to use them even more environmentally friendly and efficiently in future. Regional, national, international. But interesting tasks await our faculty graduates on land too, for example in logistics or shipbuilding. Our highly specialised study programmes prepare you for professions that can take you all over the world. Only a few universities in Germany offer you a comparable curriculum and similar tradition and your place of study Leer is also the second largest German shipping company location with many potential employers!


Explore new scientific territory.

Our project: your future.

Our projects open up many exciting fields of research for you: new scientific territory that offers you a wealth of topics for your Bachelor's or Master's thesis. Whether we're talking about environmentally friendly shipbuilding, energy-efficient logistics, new ways to cross the oceans, life cycle analysis and materials science, or hydraulic engineering and marine technology – we're on course for sustainability.


You will conduct research on important projects for the future with us – in an informal environment with close supervision by experienced and dedicated professors.

Project: Sustainability.

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Study programmes in the Faculty of Maritime Sciences

By studying in the Faculty of Maritime Sciences you are very close to the innovations of tomorrow and to exciting professional challenges for which national and international specialists are much in demand.

Get into the science of today

The Bachelor's degree is the first academic degree and at the same time a vocational qualification from a university of applied sciences. The standard period of study is six to eight semesters. We offer the following Bachelor programmes:

Expand your academic qualifications

A Master's degree is the second step in your academic career. It offers you a variety of career opportunities and qualifies you for a doctorate. We offer the following Master programmes:

I’m very close.

Nicole Langosch
Germany’s first female captain of a cruise ship, graduate of the Faculty of Maritime Sciences

Very close to exciting career prospects.

Faculty of Maritime Sciences


At the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer you can find the perfect mix of practice and prospects, variety and valuable connections. 


“Anyone getting aboard today can dock as an AIDA captain tomorrow.”

Erfahre mehr über deinen Fachbereich


Who does what where? Here you can see who belongs to the crew - from the administration to gender equality to the dean's office.


The Faculty of Maritime Sciences maintains contacts with numerous European partner universities and also enables you to study abroad.

Technical college

Unique in Lower Saxony: our campus also has a nautical college.

So you can get even closer to your maritime educational aspirations – from further education to the state-certified engineer and Master of Science.

University ambassadors

It doesn’t get closer than this: first-hand information.

Do you want to know what it’s like to study at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer? Then it’s best to ask those who are closer to the action than anyone else: your future fellow students. 

Our university ambassadors

The faculty video

Hello to all prospective students!


If you have any burning questions that you’d like to have answered by a current student, you now have the possibility to contact our university ambassadors directly by email. We look forward to receiving your message!

Karlotta Fencer

“Studying at the second largest shipping location in Germany with state-of-the-art technology? Fantastic!

Karlotta Fencer, Faculty of Maritime Sciences University Ambassador