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The time has come, you have your degree in the bag. Of course, this should also be celebrated properly. We hope that this year "hats can fly" again and we can celebrate your graduation together!

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*Degree since October 2019 - now

Absolvierendenverabschiedung 2023 - Fachbereich Wirtschaft feiert Studienabschlüsse

Nach langer Corona-Pause hat der Fachbereich Wirtschaft am Freitag, dem 31. März seine Absolvierenden wieder mit einer großen Feier verabschieden können. Etwa einhundert Studierende haben ihre Urkunden für den erfolgreichen Studienabschluss im Theater an der Blinke in Leer entgegengenommen. Durch den Abend geführt haben Anna-Katharina Hoppenworth und Silke Willms.

Vizepräsidentin Prof. Dr. Anne Schweizer gab den Absolvierenden inspirierende Worte für ihren weiteren Werdegang mit und der Dekan des Fachbereichs Prof. Dr. Marc Hanfeld sowie der Vorsitzende der Prüfungskommission Prof. Dr. Hans-Gert Vogel reflektierten die vergangene Studienzeit mit einen sehr amüsanten Einblick das Corona-bedingte „Online-Leben“ der Professoren und Absolventen.

Für herausragenden Studienleistungen gab es besondere Auszeichnungen für Stefan Schröder (Studiengang Management Consulting), Timm Sandern (Studiengang Business Management) und Imke Fletemeyer (Studiengang Betriebswirtschaft). Die Preise stellte der Förderkreis der Hochschule in Ostfriesland e. V..

Den Höhepunkt des Abends bildete dann natürlich der Moment der „Fliegenden Hüte“, der den Abschied vom Studierendendasein symbolisierte. Im Anschluss gab es im Foyer des Theaters noch die Möglichkeit, den Abend bei Musik, Getränken und Snacks ausklingen zu lassen und die letzten gemeinsamen Momente mit den (ehemaligen) Kommilitonen und Professoren von der Fotobox „festhalten“ zu lassen.

Graduation ceremony 2019

Very close to the goal of all efforts of the last six or four semesters of study: On Friday, 18.10.2019, 93 graduates of the Department of Business and Economics were able to receive the coveted certificates for a successfully passed study!

Vice President Prof. Dr. Carsten Wilken opened the evening with a heartfelt congratulations and by pointing out that by far not all first-year students in Germany finish their studies as successfully as the freshly graduated alumni of the Emden/Leer University of Applied Sciences. Proximity and personal support are sometimes precisely the aspects that ultimately make a course of study a success - and this is what the faculty stands for with its committed professors, lecturers and staff, who are "very close" to the students and their everyday challenges.  

District Administrator Matthias Groote was pleased about the closeness to the city of Leer: Strictly speaking, the students of the university have been starting their studies for ten years now with the first semester trip to Borkum in the district of Leer - where they also decided to go this year: The Verabschiedung of the graduating took place for the first time in the solemnly arranged theater at the Blinke in empty, in order to symbolize the extension of the specialist area around the Business Campus resident in the city as well as the outgoing course of studies economical informatics dual and the continued course of studies management dual once again.  

The personal proximity and confidence to contact persons in a study are felt as substantial, brought afterwards Mr. Jens Wemhörner, managing director of the co-operation enterprise Frisia furniture parts GmbH from empty, as well as Silke Willms, student in the master course of studies Business management in short interviews again on the point.  

A dynamic speech was given to the graduates by Dean Prof. Dr. Olaf Passenheim - who, after exactly 1123 days, the date of the first semester trip to Borkum at the beginning of their studies, once again reminded them how immediately on the island fellow students became friends and professors as well as staff members became companions.  

Strengthened by the specialized knowledge learned at the university as well as the authority applied there, the present technical and high-level personnel could start now into a future, in which they could appear authentically in the proximity to themselves. 

After the best of the year had been honored, the evening came to a festive conclusion with the now traditional "moment of the flying hats". 

The evening was musically supported by Alex Chiller and moderated by Oliver Melchert and Ina Bühren. 

On October 12, 2018, it was that time again, we celebrated with you the graduation ceremony of the students of the Department of Economics.

In the year 2018 we celebrated again traditionally in the New Theater near the Wallanlagen. In a uniquely solemn atmosphere, the graduates are presented with their certificates on a large stage. Afterwards, the moment of the "Flying Hats" was a touching atmosphere, characterized by euphoria and enthusiasm and made the evening special for everyone involved.

Graduates Farewell 2017

Friday evening, around 250 guests gathered at the Neues Theater Emden to join this year's graduates on a resuming (often visual) study journey and finally to celebrate the successful graduation in an appropriate way.

After the winning teams of the Scavenger Hunt (i.e. digital scavenger hunt for better orientation at the place of study) received their prizes on the big stage, Vice President Prof. Dr. Carsten Wilken opened the actual ceremony with an official welcoming speech. He addressed his congratulations to the graduates and included the analogy of a study trip in his speech. The students are now leaving their safe home port, the Emden/Leer University of Applied Sciences, and are embarking on a new, unknown journey.    

A book prize sponsored by the university's sponsoring association and an award were presented in special recognition of these top graduates: Lisa Janssen (Business Administration), Daniela Kükenshöner (International Business Administration), Tobias Meyer (Business Management) and Ina Isenburg (Management Consulting).

Representing all graduates, Tim Klages (Business Administration graduate) took a seat on the two presenters' talk sofa and reported on his time as a student. Mr. Klages explained that he had consciously decided to study at the Emden/Leer University of Applied Sciences because of the distinctive campus culture and has not regretted it; after all, he is starting out with a directly connected job entry and continues to be "right at the top".

Before Prof. Dr. Olaf Passenheim, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, presented the popular certificates to around 50 graduates present, he too summed up the key points of a study trip. Mr. Passenheim particularly emphasized the enormous personal development of the graduates and stated that they are now well equipped for a successful, professional future.

The ceremony was livened up in turn by the spoken word artist Helge Albrecht, runner-up in the PoetrySlam 2016 Schleswig-Holstein, as well as music by the well-known singer/songwriter Oliver Jüchems.

The event was supported by the university's lighting and media team, which impressively staged the stage show.  

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