What is Gigamove?

If you want to easily exchange data with people who do not belong to the university, then certaintly you often try it via E-Mail. However, with large amounts of data, this method quickly reaches its limits. In this case Gigamove can help you.

  • If you want to make large amounts of data available, you can save the data on Gigamove and send the link to the data via E-Mail.
  • If others want to make large amounts of data available to you, you can provide an upload place on Gigamove and send the link to this place by E-Mail.

So you can exchange large amounts of data without burdening the mail system and your mail account.

Click here for Gigamove

Many thanks to the RWTH Aachen, which provided this service with the DFN-AAI.

Important notes

  • For each link it is possible to upload or download only one file at a time, which can have a maximum size of 2 GByte.
  • You can store a maximum of 10 GByte of data per account.
  • The data and the link will be deleted after 14 days at the latest. You can also set a shorter deadline.
  • The data is exchanged over a server of the RWTH Aachen University, an access takes place over a web interface and is therefore only conditionally safe. So do not use this service for confidential data or encrypt the files in advance.