Consulting & Technology Transfer

Our motto - Analyze, conceptualize and implement!

Problems are manifold and so are the approaches to solving them. Together with you, our team looks for targeted approaches to solving your problem. Our team of experienced project engineers and young and innovative graduates will work with you to find solutions to your challenges in the field of logistics and production.


The digital transformation is in full swing - you too can use this transformation as an opportunity for your company and your business processes. We support you in the intelligent digitization of your data and processes. …

Factory & Warehouse Planning

Modern factory planning is indispensable for future-oriented companies.

Logistic Innovations

The digital transformation and technological progress are also leading to changes in the field of logistics. Learn more about the current trends and innovations in logistics.

Operational Excellence

Getting a little better all the time is not easy in addition to day-to-day business. The Lean philosophy offers many possibilities and starting points to let optimizations become part of the daily business.


You know that optimization potential lies hidden in your processes? Would you like to know how much there is and how it can be leveraged? Then we are just right for you.


Are you planning a new purchase or simply want to redesign your processes and examine the effects of different scenarios?

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