Offers for International Prospective Students

Studying in Germany? Come closer!

You did not obtain your university entrance qualification in Germany and would like to study in Germany? 
Then take advantage of our varied orientation program at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer.

Information for prospective students from Ukraine

Students from Ukraine find support through our RCCR (Research and Counselling Centre for Refugees) in the Central Student Counselling Service (ZSB). Our colleague Ilona Heppner advises foreign and refugee prospective students on all relevant topics - from application questions and study opportunities to assistance during their studies. In addition to the Welcome-Programme, which we have had at the university since 2015, we offer our international and refugee prospective students and students study preparation courses through the DAAD third-party funded project Integra, which is based at the ZSB. From April, the exchange café* will once again take place in the Lüttje Stuudi Huus. Here, all students and prospective students are cordially invited to network and exchange ideas. The full range of offers can be found below.

Prospective students and students from Ukraine thus have an important contact point at the university for advice and support. Ilona Heppner is the first and important point of contact for those seeking advice. The RCCR has also built up a good local network since 2015, so that the exchange and referral of those seeking advice in special problem situations can be ensured. The network partners include community colleges, migration counselling centres, the job centre and the employment agency. Another important cooperation partner is the educational counselling service of the Garantiefond Hochschule (Otto-Beneke-Foundation), which deals with the awarding of scholarships and possibilities of support measures for targeted preparation of studies in a specific field.

You can find further support services here: DAAD Support

*These are cooperation projects with MyCampus International



Date request

If you are not yet living in Germany, we will be happy to advise you online via video.
Start an appointment request under: zsb|at|


Worldwide online advice on study and career orientation

If you are interested in studying with us, but have no opportunity to come to the counselling office in person, the Central Student Advisory Service offers you online counselling.

Flexible in time and independent of location, we advise you on study opportunities at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer.

Start an appointment request under: birte.engelberts|at|

Admission Requirements for International Students

Special conditions apply to our applicants with a foreign degree. You can read about them here (German/ English).


Contact Information INTEGRA

Ilona Heppner

Constantiaplatz 4
26723 Emden 
Mensa ground floor
Room M001

+49 4921 807-1256



Supplementary Audience Programme (Welcome-Project)

Do you already live in Germany and have an migration background? Then you have the possibility to participate in our supplementary audience programme over two semesters to get to know the German educational system better.
As a supplementary audience participant you can take part in our courses for up to two semesters. In this way, you can get to know our university first hand - and then be well-prepared to decide on a regular course of study that perfectly matches your wishes and inclinations.

  • Higher education entrance qualification (proof of eligibility to study in the home country)
  • German language skills (at least B1 level)
  • without German language skills: English (at least B1 level) - This means that only participation in English-language courses is possible!

For your application we need:

  • the corresponding completed registration form
  • your letter of motivation (one or two pages)
  • proof of your university entrance qualification
  • proof of your knowledge of the German language (level B1) or
  • proof of your knowledge of the English language (level B1 or at least 6 years at school/university)
  • your passport photo
  • a copy of your identity document
  • proof of your residence status
  • a consultation with you, in which we clarify all open questions

Application period:
summer semester until 15th January
winter semester until 30th August


You can send the documents via email to daniel.mueller|at| or by post to the following address:

Hochschule Emden/Leer
z. Hd. Daniel Müller
Constantiaplatz 4
26723 Emden

It is possible to receive a student ID as a supplementary listener. However, this does not include the train ticket. If you would like to receive a student ID, we need your recent passport photo.

Information about the student sponsorship as part of the DAAD Welcome Initiative


During your studies, students of the Hochschule Emden/Leer support and accompany you regularly.

  • Your student mentors help you to find your way around the campus and advise you on personal and study-related questions
  • They accompany you during the semester with regular personal meetings
  • They also actively participate in regular integrative events, for example in the Café Intercultural or on excursions and much more

How the sponsorship is structured beyond that (leisure activities, sports, etc.) is left up to each student sponsor.

Any questions?

Send us an e-mail: daniel.mueller(at)

Open consultation hours every Wednesday between 10:00 and 12:00 in the office in the Mensa Foyer (ground floor).


Daniel Müller

Constantiaplatz 4
26723 Emden 
Mensa goundfloor, Room M003

+49 4921 807-1342


Research and Counselling Centre for Refugees (RCCR)

In addition to counselling and supporting refugees who would like to study in Germany, the RCCR is also working on a research project that examines in depth the question of successful integration processes of refugees in the German education system. The RCCR is home to Welcome Initiative, that enabling a seamless connection between the supplementary audiences and courses that prepare students for and accompany their studies.


Cooperation with schools abroad

We cooperate with many German schools abroad and facilitate exchange and advice for international prospective students.


Birte Engelberts

Head of Central Student Councelling Service

Tel. 04921/807-1346
email: birte.engelberts(at)

Room: Mensa ground floor (M002)

Katja Hakkarainen

Deputy Head of International Office

Tel. 04921/807-1379
email: katja.hakkarainen(at)

Online consultation hours: By appointment


FAQ - Coronavirus - for international incoming students

FAQ - Coronavirus - for international incoming students

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