Living with COVID-19

The corona pandemic continues to play an important role in everyday life - for people around the globe. The University of Applied Sciences Emden / Leer therefore starts, led by Prof. Dr. Jutta Lindert, several international studies on the effects that the pandemic has on healthcare practioners and the general population.

So far, three studies have been developed on dealing with the pandemic and the psychosocial effects. The “COPERS” study examines the effects of the pandemic on the mental health and behavior of the general population at several points in time. “COCARE” examines the effects of the pandemic on people who work in care facilities. And finally, “HEROES” records and analyzes the other “heroes” who work in health facilities. HEROES is expressly supported by the World Health Organization (WHO).


COCARE is a study that examines and analyzes the situation of professional carers in Europe.



COPERS is a study on coping with the COVID-19 situation.



HEROES is a study on workers in healthcare facilities in times of COVID-19.