Once per semester the International Office and the Commissioner for students with disability or chronic illness offer a special info-session for students with special needs who are interested in a semester abroad (studies, internships). Here you will find the date of the info-session.

Furthermore, you can make an individual appointment. This way we can counsel you according to your needs.

Students with a disability or chronic illness can receive a special additional financial compensation for a stay abroad (study/internship), when they receive a grant for their stay abroad:

Erasmus Programme

Webpage of the national Erasmus Agency (DAAD):

Prerequisite: Degree of disability of at least 20% or chronic illness

Proof needed: Handicapped ID, official letter from the "Landessozialamt" or oder medical certificat

Possibility 1: Extra financial support as a top-up

The participant receives a monthly top-up of 250 € in addtion to the monthly grant (academic year 2021/22: country group 1 = 450 €, country group 2 = 390 €, country group 3 = 330 €)

Possibility 2: Extra financial support with an application for a compensation of real extra costs

Individual application (together with the International Office), where the extra costs caused by the stay abroad are specified

Has to be handed in at the national Erasmus agency (DAAD) 2 months before the beginning of the stay abroad.

The national agency then checks the application and approves the funding accordingly.

Possible funding for: preparatory visits (including costs related to travel and subsistence) and extra costs caused by the actual stay abroad of up to 15,000 EUR/semester and 30,000 EUR

Accounting and storage of the original documents by University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer

You will find general information about the Erasmus programme under the following links:

Erasmus grant for a study stay abroad

Erasmus grant for an internship abroad

PROMOS Programme

Prerequisite: PROMOS scholarship holder with degree of disability of at least 50% or chronic illness

Up to 10,000 € for a period of up to 6 months to cover the extra costs (including costs for an assistant), where no other funding is possible

Calculation of the extra costs (e.g. for travel, necessary local trips, accomodation, medical care, didactic media) through comparison with expenses of people without disability

Handing in of the application (with the help of the International Office) at least two months before the start of the stay abroad ==> Please inform the International Office as soon as possible, if you have a disability and plan to hand in a PROMOS application

The following documents are needed:

- Recection of the statutory health insurance or other insurance to cover the costs

- Copy of your severely handicapped pass

- For people with chronic illness: medical certificate with description of the medical needs

- Further documents explaining the need and adequacy of the additional expenses

General information about the PROMOS programme can be found under the following links:

PROMOS grant for a study stay abroad

PROMOS grant for an internship abroad

Programmes with direct application at the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

E.g. HAW International, DAAD Jahresstipendien (scholarships for a full year), DAAD Kombinierte Studien- und Praxissemester (for combined study and internship stay abroad)

As for PROMOS, selected scholarship holders can apply for additional funding for extra costs abroad due to a disability or chronic illness of up to 10,000 €.

Further information:

Hereyou will find more information regarding these programmes.

Here are some other useful links:

Praxisbeispiele Sonderförderung: ==> The European platform about inclusion and support services offered by higher education institutions, national agencies and ministries for education to international students.