System Architecture for Data Communication and Localization under Harsh Environmental Conditions in Maritime Automation

Authors: Thorsten Wehs, Manuel Janssen, Carsten Koch, Gerd von Cölln

In: IEEE 10th International Conference on Industrial Informatics, 25.-27. July 2012, Beijing (China)

Abstract: This paper shows an initial approach of a system architecture for a wireless sensor network (WSN), addressing the maritime domain. Novel architectures, technologies and prototypes for WSNs have been in focus of researchers and economists for several years. The proposed system architecture is focused on maritime automation - the construction and maintenance of offshore wind farms with their specific requirements. Harsh environmental conditions impede the performance of wireless technologies in onshore and offshore applications, caused for instance by many metal components, wayless terrain, often non-line-of sight (NLOS) connections between mobile motes, and dynamic ground motion for example onto a jack up ship for offshore construction work.

Furthermore, many approaches for WSN are addressing either communication or localization networks. The proposed system architecture covers both at the same time, based on Ultra Wide Band radio technology (UWB). UWB allows robust distance measurements and communication, in particular in harsh environments.


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