A Mobile Open Infrastructure Network Protocol (MOIN) for Localization and Data Communication in UWB Based Wireless Sensor Networks

Authors: Manuel Janssen, Andreas Busboom, Udo Schoon, Gerd von Cölln, Carsten Koch

In: accepted at 2014 IEEE International Conference on Ultra-Wideband, 1.-3. September 2014, Paris (France)

Abstract: In this paper, a novel network protocol (MOIN - Mobile Open Infrastructure Network Protocol) for non synchronized UWB based wireless sensor networks is presented. Applications of classical protocols for such non synchronized networks, where anchor nodes are not synchronized for ranging and communication purposes, typically are not effective for simultaneous ranging and communication tasks. The proposed MOIN protocol overcomes these shortcomings by using an optimized scheduling scheme for rangings. The channel access is realized by a centralized hybrid MAC layer which uses TDMA and CDMA. In addition, the MOIN protocol supports multiple sensor domains to achieve a higher network range. Dynamic domain selection and adaptive slot assignment depending on the number of network participants at runtime are key features to reduce the delay between each ranging procedure which minimizes motion artefacts. A sequential pre-defined ranging order can be ensured to minimize the position error. Another advantage of the adaptive slot assignment is the minimization of time slots in each superframe. This leads to a shorter superframe duration and significantly increases network throughput and update frequency rates.


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