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Maya the bee surely knows each of you! When you think of "bee", many people probably first think of the honey bee, which lives together with several thousand bees, including the queen bee, workers and drones, in so-called states. But this is only one of many bee species: Germany is home to a total of circa 560 other wild bee species, most of which prefer to live alone compared to the honey bee. They live individually, but often build their nests next to each other, for example in bee hotels, so that it looks like a swarm. All types of bees are very important because they ensure that plants reproduce and, for example, apple trees bear apples. Like many other insects, bees are severely threatened by a lack of habitats, pathogens and industrial agriculture, among other things.


urinary and triangular head

Honey bee

Fly eyes and fine hairy

Wild bee

black and white and alone on the road

The university also wants to counteract bee mortality, which is why there has been a beehive here since 2018, in which numerous honey bees live. If you look on the garage roof, you can discover the beehive. In addition, the university's "Campus Garden" group plants many open spaces with bee-friendly flowers. Take a look around!

Beehive at the university

Our house beekeeper with the university bees

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