International Project Week of the Faculty of Business Studies at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer

The next International Project Week (IPW) will be held April 22-26, 2024.

The idea of our event is to give students the opportunity to acquire a wider range of views beyond the regular lectures by case studies, trips to companies and extra lectures offered by professors from our university, lecturers from foreign universities and company agents. The IPW is financed by the Teaching Staff Mobility under ERASMUS+ or other financial means by your home university.

During these five days you will provide a seminar-type lesson including a self-studying period for the students, where students should work out a task that will be included in the lecture.Prior knowledge in the specific field is limited, so no exotic fields or current research topics should be covered.  But of course, the specific topic of the lecture could be chosen from various business areas like marketing, finance, management, information technology and so on. Projects should be conducted in a vivid and interactive way. Workload minimum is 8 hours.

Statements by IPW alumni of the last editions:

„The sun in your hearts was so shining that I forgot to pay attention to the clouds in the sky." (Patrick Gilormini, France / IPW 2019)

„IPW 2018 was a great experience and a wonderful opportunity to meet interesting people from all over the world. I delighted with the attitude of staff and the whole organisation. Thank you very much for this great time." (Magdalena Mosionek-Schweda, Polen)

„Very good organized, nice and warm people, a very good opportunity to meet colleagues from other universities.It is a pleasure for me to participate at this event. Congratulations!" (Daniel Botez, Romania / IPW 2017)

„A great learning opportunity for both students and teaching staff who were able to use the week to exchange ideas and experience different ways of working.  It’s very valuable to have a full week where colleagues from all over Europe can visit, giving time and space for networking and sharing ideas between us all as well as teaching and meeting the students in Emden." (Angela McGrane, UK / IPW 2016)

„Thank you for the fantastic job performed by your team as a whole and each participant in particular before and in the course of the 2015 International week in Emden/Leer.” (Andrejs Limanskis, Lettland)

„Let it be said, that the people, I met on my trip were warm, good natured, good humoured, professional and helpful.” (Val Andrews, Irland)

„Participating in the Emden IPW 2014 was a very enjoyable, interesting and stimulating experience. I learned a lot from my visit and look forward to meeting with Team IPW in future years.” (Tom Mulvey, Irland)

We would appreciate an introduction of your home institution at the beginning of your project and hope you will have a great time here in Emden at the Faculty of Business Studies of the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer.