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Weather station

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East Frisian weather - Mild summers and winters and fast changing weather due to the North Sea. You have surely observed the weather several times. Also weather stations do that. They measure different values like temperature and wind speed. There are weather stations all over the world. Most of them are located on land, but weather is also measured on the water and in the air. The stations are located on buoys and ships or on weather balloons and airplanes. The weather is also observed much higher up: There are weather satellites in space. You have probably heard the word "climate" before. Weather and climate are not the same thing: Weather is known to change quickly. However, when the weather is observed over a longer period of time (at least around 30 years), it is called climate.

At the university there is a weather station that measures the weather around the clock. You can find out the current readings by clicking on the following link:

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